Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rock to shock

“Rock is all about daft theatre. It's not like mainstream pop, which sparkles cheaply and perfectly like a good local panto, or folk and country classics, which summon up the spirit and sadness of dusty novellas. Mainstream rock is something else: a 20th-century twist on Shakespearean madness and excess fed through a Marshall stack. It's about the insane thrill of performance rather than the drudgery of life outside the stadium. It's about acknowledging the distinction between what's real and what's fantasy.”

-- Jude Rogers, “Shock Value”

PLUS: “The Top 20 Albums of All Time (For Real)”--with an astonishing 8,800-plus reactions. Add your own. Agree or disagree with the list?

1 comment:

lateralus said...

Im very happy with the inclusion of two Pink Floyd albums. I wouldve loved to see Dark Side Of The Moon at Number 1 though.

You'll be surprised that I'm not a big fan of Metallica - ESPECIALLY this Black album. I like their early albums from the 80s but since Master of Puppets, its been all down hill. Their current album "Death Magnetic" is atrocious.

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