Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog makeover

Something long overdue, but finally it's done. How do you find the new look? Feedback's welcome!

I decided to expand the blog into three columns so I could put in more stuff and organize them better. (For example, I've featured quite a number of musical tracks here--Broadway tunes, songs from Filipino musicals, rare clips. By now they should have their own list in the sidebar, so you'd find it easier to locate and listen to them any time. Coming right up after I've caught my breath--HTML is the pits!)

The fab header, by the way, is the work of my friends Allan and Ken, who jointly blog about home interiors, architecture and all things design-related at

Love it, hate it, keri lang? Comment away!


Karla said...

I love it, Gibbs! I like the snazzy banner and the user-friendly font. You should make this an anniversary thing! Congrats on turning two, by the way, and the win. You've come a long way, baby, and the arts and culture award is a great way to welcome year 2. What's in store for year 3 kaya? I'm excited already!

joelmcvie said...
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joelmcvie said...

Love the header, love the three-column layout (I've always wanted that for my blog but could never figure out how to do it), and love the fact that it remains mainly white. I now get impatient with background colors that make reading more difficult.

But what's this on your avatar? A carrot or red pepper? Paminta? LOL!

jher said...

congrats gibbs for winning. i'm not too hot with the new layout. parang heavy sa left kasi nandun lahat yung text. saka upon clicking the link, ang nakita ko lang agad is the banner and then the ads. i know i have to scroll down but ads turn me off. maybe you can move the ads a bit. but hey your content is dah bomb so congrats pa rin! :-)

Toilet Thoughts said...

*inggit mode*

Kudos to Allan and Ken for the header. Love how your name casts a shadow on the curtain. A bit 3D-ish. Medyo off lang sakin ung font. dunno why. hehe.

I see you've maintained the white background. I think white is still "It". I'm thinking of reverting back to white. :)

The three column makes it a bit crowded, but with the white background it doesn't look disoriented. Everything is accessible on one look. love it. Kindly ask them how to make the three column layout. hehe :)

But i love the previous avatar more. the apple right?

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

gusto ko sya. ipakilala mo naman ako kina alan at ken. kailangan ko nga bagong look. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Okay, don't get me wrong..I like it Gibbs, I do...but what did the old layout look like again? I forgot. And why are they mentioning the font? Isn't this the same font?

Man im too young to be ulyanin.

(I have a blogspot account. I forgot password. So im "anonymous" for now.)

Misterhubs said...

The header's cool. How nice of Allan and Ken to give you a header. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hello Gebs! Thanks a lot for the mention. We have another site where you can find more of our work: :)


P0ytee said...

Where did you get your avatar? LOL! I'm finding it amusing that I can associate this caricature with the actual Gibbs Cadiz. Teka, ang tanong, MAY PINAGKAIBA BA? Kidding, love the new look! Siksik na siksik ang sidebar! Sino ang nauto mo para palitan ang lay-out mo?

gibbs cadiz said...

KARLA! hmmm, for year 3, gawin ko na kaya ang matagal ko nang dream na beefcake pictorial? bago man lang ako mag-40? wahaha, ampanget ng concept! :)

JOEL, hehe, lookie, the paminta avatar was short-lived. you want a three-column layout, too? i can direct you to the online tutorial that guided me. :)

JHER, thanks! you're right, i should do something about the ad that is the first thing visitors see. lemme see... :)

JEFF, decided to retire the apple na, para maiba naman. pero the pepper's gone too, replaced by a cartoon avatar that our office artist drew of me for an earlier article. check out the new footer, dali! :)

MANDAYA! sure, next time andito ka, lemme know and i can have you meet them. :)

JACKO, the old layout only had two columns (660px, this is 880px now) and the font was georgia. you can still see the old layout here-- :)

MISTERHUBS! thanks, how are you? hehe, yeah, i badgered them no end for it. :)

anuba, ALLAN/KENNAN, me permanent attribution na kayo sa footer, gohsee! :)

POYTEE! believe it or not, ako lang lahat gumawa ng redesign, except for the new header. i looked for an online tutorial re converting to a three-column layout, tapos sinunod ko lang. but with so many unique small tweaks that i wanted (margins, color, size--alam mo na, OC), sobrang dinugo ako fiddling with html. took me the whole day to get things right, hay! :)

Anonymous said...

hi gibbs,

hope you can make a monthly calendar of gibbs-worthy events.

love your blog. :)

irene said...

in fairness kinarir ang html. ok lang that it's clean but i would have wanted it to be a little more hmm, perky.

TheBachelorGirl said...

Love your Avatar and footer! I think the curtains are perfect for your blog too! I'm now perusing the sidebars...

Congrats on doing everything on your own!!! (I'm glad someone does it for me because I'll just be confused galore.)

erasmusa said...

about time, gibbs. love the header and the footer. would prefer the blog posts in the middle, though. i don't know how to do it myself, but if i did, i'd collapse all the long lists in the sidebar and arrange the badges. (that's what i'd also say about my blog, hahaha!) congrats :)

Dennis N. Marasigan said...

Hi Gibbs,

I thought i had posted a comment about your new look, but in case you didn't get it, I just wanted to say the three-column layout works for me, thought the header seems off for some reason. Let me know where you got the tip re the three-column format.


gibbs cadiz said...

ANONYMOUS, erm--you mean on top of the (mostly) theater events i write about here? :)

IRENE, haha, lagyan ko kaya pusa para mas perky. :)

LORNA, naku, html was hell! :)

ERASMUSA, my first draft had the text in the middle. didn't like it that much. :)

hi DENNIS! there are many tutorials and ready-for-downloading html on google, but the link below is what i followed. good luck! :)

dappie said...

It just hit me now that the new site avatar and cartoon footer is reminiscent of Andrew Sullivan's. Galing!

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