Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Funny Boy

David Sedaris, on being called a humorist: “I used to reject it, but look at me, I've got a cardigan sweater on,” he says. “All I need is the patches on the elbow. Because my world is sort of small, I need to be funny. How else could I write essays about trying to make coffee or birds throwing themselves at my window? I used to reject it because I thought a humorist was someone who wrote about rearranging his sock drawer. But now I look at that sock drawer and think . . . hmmm.” [from “The stand-up of American writing”, by Alan O'Riordan]

PLUS: Blogger Bulletproofvest tells Mr. Sedaris to check out Divisoria and Nayong Pilipino during the latter's visit to Manila in July 2006. Mr. Sedaris also dropped by Makati Cinema Square to browse bootleg DVDs, attended a cockfight and watched a taping of the noontime show Wowowee.

[Photo: Bryan O'Brien]


drei said...

i really think david is genuinely funny. in some context he's like the gay american counterpart of bob ong. :)

digression: gibbs, i got Rent tickets na!

gibbs cadiz said...

haha, bob ong talaga?! :) DREI, i got a confession to make. i know who bob ong is--you know that's not his real name, right?--but he swore me to secrecy about his identity. wala lang. met him when he wasn't writing books yet, so am very happy at his success... RENT! argh, kainggit! enjoy, i-sing-along mo na lang ako! :)

Karla said...

Gibbs! I love David Sedaris. I'd love to marry him if he was straight! :D There are some recordings on of him reading selections from his books--I just love them! Kakatuwa talaga ang boses niya. I always play it when I'm down, and he never fails to lift up my spirits.

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