Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gantimpala Theater presents 'Sleeping Beauty'

For its children's theater, Gantimpala Theater revisits “Sleeping Beauty,” one of the world's most beloved fairy tales. The Gantimpala version, coming alive onstage starting October 15, is an original Filipino children’s musical written by multi-awarded playwright J. Dennis Teodosio, with music by award-winning musical composer Jesse Lucas under the direction of Tony Espejo.

Starring are Aiza Marquez(Princess Annabella); Noel Rayos (Prince Reginald); Leo Ponseca (King); Maricar Abella (Queen); Alexis Aubrey Fernandez (Margarita); Meldea Flor Formacil (Armida); Tosca Puno (Esperanza); and Ms. Kakai Bautista (Lucinda).

“Humor, choreography, and music reinvent the popular fairy tale, and we reintroduce all the charming characters from the king and the queen to the common 'tao,' from the good fairies to the angst-laden villainess. I am sure everyone will have a grand time as the love story of Annabella and Reginald unfolds,” says director Tony Espejo.

Helping Espejo in “Sleeping Beauty” are Joey Nombres (lights designer); Eric Cruz (set designer); Albert Figueras (costume designer); Carlos Niño Percil (choreographer); Allain de Leon (assistant director); Alice Borbe (production manager); Marianne Sedotes (assistant production manager/assistant set designer); and Jay-R Inocencio (stage manager).

Performances of “Sleeping Beauty” will be on October 15-18, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., AFP Theater, Quezon City. For information, booking and ticket reservations, call the Gantimpala Theater Marketing Office at 8995745/8963503 or 4745198, or e-mail

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