Friday, October 03, 2008

The gifted vs. the merely capable

Ralph Pena: “Actors can learn how to hone speech, body, and voice--and they should. They can also learn how to harness and tap into a whole palette of emotions, and assemble a full box of creative tools. That kind of learning can be acquired, and in many cases, will produce a capable actor possessed of vocal power, agile speech, and a malleable body. But acting, in my humble opinion, is more than mechanics. It’s more than a collection of individual skills. Good acting, and especially great acting, synthesizes all these elements, runs them through personal layers of emotional intelligence, sifts and vets them against a library of experience, imagination, and magic to return a compelling moment of performance. It’s in that process of synthesis where the capable is differentiated from the gifted. That can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t.”

More of his thoughts on acting, rehearsals, inspirations, creative juices, hanging on to your dignity here. Read and reap.

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lateralus said...

I have no idea how people can see the wisdom in statements such as this. This reeks of Nazi Eugenics only in a different form.

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