Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Video: Lani Misalucha sings 'Children Will Listen'

The areglo isn't original--credit for that goes to Jonathan Tunick, who did the arrangement for Barbra Streisand's version of the song in her Back to Broadway album--but for this concert, Ryan Cayabyab whipped up a more stately, “diva-esque” spin on Sondheim's wrap-up anthem for Into the Woods.

The song--rewritten and expanded for Babs, by the way--gives Lani a chance to show off her textured, dramatic soprano, which often gets shortchanged when she has to sing histrionic pop ditties. Notice how wired she is to the lyrics she's mouthing here; you can see she's trying to tell a story with the song, and not just sing it. There is fine phrasing, as well as a becoming attempt to deploy belting only where it matters.

The faux competition Lani is supposed to have with Regine Velasquez on who's the better belter between them is a dumb one, since there really is no comparison when it comes to the individual quality of their voices. To be quite simplistic about it, Regine's is clear, crisp, buoyant white wine against Lani's darker, more complex red.

Unfortunately, because the market gets bored without a putative catfight, they have to slug it out every so often and try to outshout each other. So Asia's Songbird can catapult Light of a Million Mornings to the stratosphere. Can she wax pseudo-operatic the way Asia's Nightingale (or is it Las Vegas' now?) does with an Italian My Heart Will Go On? And so on.

I'm babbling. Enjoy the vid--and, hey, you saw it here first.

PLUS: Want an MP3 of this showstopper for your iPod? Download it here.


Manila TeenTheater Geek said...
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Manila TeenTheater Geek said...

I've heard this song sung by many performers and Lani Misalucha's is the only one which has given me goosebumps. Bernadette Peters' is a close second for me though...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ok lang, hindi ko masyado gusto. nagflaflat ng konti. but good to know na kasama ito sa reportoire niya. hindi ko gusto iyong sinisigaw ang kantang ito ni sondheim. at nagflaflat ng konti.

gibbs cadiz said...

MANILA TEENTHEATER GEEK, thanks and glad you liked it. :)

ANONYMOUS, betty buckley also did a 'sigaw-sigaw' version of this song in sondheim in carnegie hall. :)

Anonymous said...

I won't comment on the singing. We all know she's goood. Just have to say: that was Piolo Pascual in the beginning right, holding the kid? Hahaha This must have been so long agooo.

-Breton PAL.

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