Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rep holds auditions for 'Portrait of the Artist as Filipino'

Repertory Philippines will hold auditions for the play “Portrait of the Artist as Filipino” on Monday, October 20, 2008, 1:30 p.m., at the Repertory Rehearsal Hall, Repertory Philippines, C2-A Building C, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City.

Based on the award-winning literary work by National Artist Nick Joaquin, “Portrait Of The Artist as Filipino” is set in Intramuros right before the war and focuses on family conflicts in which old cultural values are pitted against modern values when two unmarried sisters, Candida and Paula, refuse all temptation to sell their father’s last masterpiece which he has painted for them.

With a script edited by National Artist for Theatre Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana, original musical scoring by her son, Lamberto Avellana, Jr., and to be directed by her other son, award-winning actor/director Jose Mari Avellana, “Portrait of The Artist As Filipino” will open on January 16 and will run until February 8, 2009, at Onstage Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

“Portrait of The Artist As Filipino” will be Rep’s 2009 season opener.

Those interested to audition are required to submit a resume together with a 2x2 photo. Please call 8870710 for more details.

The following is the cast profile for the play.

CANDIDA MARASIGAN. Spinster daughter of Don Lorenzo Marasigan. The stronger of the two spinster sisters. Proud of her heritage and refuses to accept the slow decay of their old ways and the poor state of their finances.

PAULA MARASIGAN (42). Her younger unmarried sister. Shy and withdrawn. Loves her family dearly and adores Candida with a passion.

MANOLO (58). Their elder brother. Stern but caring.

PEPANG (57). Their elder sister. She has a life of her own and wants no part of the old world.

The Marasigans are clearly mestizo/Espanol. The other characters include:

BITOY CAMACHO (32). A friend of the family. Dusky Filipino newspaper man. He has a sensitive soul and we see the story unfold through his eyes

TONY JAVIER (31). A lodger at the Marasigan home. A handsome, street-smart rogue.

SUSAN (20’s). A vaudeville artist. Cheap dance hall girl, loud, vulgar and rude.

VIOLET (20’s). Susan's friend, also a dancer. Louder and more vulgar.

DON PERICO (72). Don Lorenzo Marasigan’s best friend. Once a poet, now a busy politician.

DON ALVARO (70). A family friend

DONA UPENG (68). Don Alvaro's gregarious and jolly wife

DON PEPE (73). A family friend of the Marasigans

DONA IRENE (69). A family friend of the Marasigans

DON ARISTEO (72). A family friend of the Marasigans

DETECTIVE 1 (32). Policeman looking for Tony Javier

DETECTIVE 2 (28). Detective 1's partner

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TheBachelorGirl said...

This makes me remember the recently departed Joy Soler, who played Candida in the Dulaang UP production that was directed by Anton Juan.

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