Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Congressmen for sale? No shit.

From the Inquirer: Former speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. is revolted by the “rampant, wide-scale” bribery and corruption in the country that treat people, including lawmakers, as if they are “for sale,” and appeals to his colleagues at the House of Representatives to “follow your conscience.”

“The time is now for us to cleanse ourselves... what's happening to our country, many of the citizens are for sale, their votes are for sale, so ano na ang pag-asa ng ating bansa [what is the hope of our country]?” he told the [impeachment] committee.

The Pangasinan congressman lamented the “rampant, wide-scale bribery and corruption as if we members of House are commodities.” [Boldface mine.]

That sound you just heard? Me collapsing in laughter.

PLUS: One more, er, commodity in the making! In Reader's Digest's December 2008 issue which has Manny Pacquiao as cover story, the boxer tells interviewer/EIC Jim Plouffe he isn't through with politics yet.

“It seems the only time you've taken a real beating is when you went for public office.
“It was not the right time to run for office because I was in my prime in boxing. [The Filipino people] are looking at me as a role model in boxing. The time has come now. I think they will want me because I have a big heart.

“So politics is still in the cards?
“Absolutely. I want to be a congressman. [The Filipino people] idolise me in boxing. I want them to idolise me in terms of public service. [I believe in] social accountability. I can change the system. I'm not like some politicians who can be corrupt. I have money and I am satisfied with what I have earned from bloody work like boxing. What I want to do is bring government money back to the poor people.”

P.S. Whose bright idea was it for Reader's Digest--Reader's Digest!--to go Goth in its latest cover?


r-yo said...

Naman to si JDV. Kelan ba sila, siya lalo na, hindi naging commodity? Siya nga itong pasimuno sa bilihan dati e. Bwiset. :-)

TRINIDAD said...

I don't think it's a good idea to "poison the well." But, we have to think that what JDV said is absolutely right and indeed apparent. Why not give a try to "cleanse ourselves" and not judge the person who told such? Just something to think about. No offense! :) peace out..

Re Manny Paquiao: Lol

gibbs cadiz said...

haha, BWISET talaga, R-YO. theater of the absurd talaga ang pinas--with apologies to the practitioners of the real theater of the absurd. :)

hi TRINIDAD, thanks for your comment. i appreciate your trying to be positive and optimistic. i'm sorry, though, i think JDV should be the last person to decry corruption in government and lecture anyone about being a commodity. if he's talking in front of a mirror, pwede pa siguro. remember, he spilled the beans only when he got booted out of the trough. this isn't sacrifice or heroism on his part, it's merely--and has always been--crass self-interest. yes, i am THAT cynical. :)

TRINIDAD said...

i am not pro-JDV, but I was just commenting on what he said... I get your point, and i think you're right! it was self-interest..I did not regard the person (JDV), I overlooked at what he said. maybe I do not know much about JDV. lol..

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