Thursday, November 13, 2008

Say Photo Fix!--or how we road-tested the new Sony Ericsson C905

The “we” in this case referring to blogger-friends Coy, Poyt, Kring, Fritz and I first gorging on pizza and pasta at A Veneto in Glorietta, then scarfing coffee and chocolate fondue at Max Brenner in Greenbelt 4 together with three other bloggers, Davao-based Andrew, Jehzeel and Winston (who just passed the ECE board exams--congratulations, Batang Engineer!).

All throughout, the gadget freaks in the group--nearly everyone except me--kept themselves busy fiddling with the new Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 I'd recently been asked to road-test.

It's a nifty beauty: more camera than phone, with 8.1 megapixels and a photo flash, plus a range of hi-tech features like Digital Zoom, Photo Fix, Face Detection, Smart Contrast, Image stabilizer, etc. The memory stick can support up to 8 GB on top of the phone's built-in 160 MB--quite hefty space for pics, music, SMS messages and, ahem, video scandals.

It's also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-equipped, has video and radio capabilities, can be an MP3 player, and comes with earphones that have a built-in radio antenna. The integrated features--photo, music, Internet--allow for picture and video blogging in a snap. In short, if you're a cam/blog whore, this is, I think, one of those to-die-for phones. (More details here.)

Having been a Nokia user all this time, it took me quite a bit to adjust to the SE's interface. I'd prefer a less constricted keyboard for my left thumb (yep, that's all I use for texting) and fewer steps for common functions; likewise, despite my poor eyesight, smaller fonts and letter sizes on screen. The battery, too, can be made longer-lasting; extensive picture-taking depletes it rather fast.

But, all in all, I've no reason to kvetch. I think the hype rings true for the SE C905: It's “the phone for the photographer in you.”

I'd have to wait for some serious travel time, though, before I can fully subject the phone camera to a workout. Those hi-tech features--Best Pic, for instance, which with one click captures seven pictures, allowing you to pick the best shot--are best exercised against picture-worthy sights and surroundings, which I don't have in my everyday life. I don't relish the idea of whipping out this pricey phone in the middle of EDSA to try to capture Dingdong Dantes' abs (yep, me being cheap again), only to lose it to a twerp.

So, last Thursday, Fritz and company had the toy to themselves, taking photos and video at both the bright-as-a-gas station A Veneto and the dimly-lit Max Brenner, so we could check out the difference in results. (Fritz-o paparazzo opted not to use flash, but the camera has light for both functions).

With nearly every shot, I'd say, wait, Photo Fix! (A feature that “optimizes image quality [by] adjusting light balance and contrast,” sort of like the Auto Correct feature of Microsoft's Picture Manager. For point-and-shoot guys like me, a handy, heaven-sent way to enhance pictures--right there on the phone!--without having to wrestle with Photoshop.) And that's how the word of the day was born.

By the way, it's Coy's birthday today. Happy birthday, buddy!

Poyt and me at the well-lit A Veneto, photo aided by phone-cam flash

Joining us at Max Brenner, Winston and Andrew

Jehzeel, with a sort of halo on his head--Fritz's bright idea, of course

Coy in a Photo-Fixed shot; the original was murky given the low lighting

Firing up the fondue... May the light/ of this flickering candle/ illuminate the night/ the way your spirit/ illuminates my so-wowowo-ul... [Quick, what Streisand song am I referencing with those lines?]

Now, the brief, unedited video:


Lissa said...

May the light/ of this flickering candle/ illuminate the night/ the way your spirit/ illuminates my so-wowowo-ul... [Quick, what Streisand song am I referencing with those lines?]

Papa Can You Hear Me from the movie Yentl :)

r-yo said...

uy! ganda ng bagong gupit ha! he he. madami ba yang pina testing sa yo? reserve mo sa akin ang isa ha. xmas gift mo sa akin. heheheh

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hi gibbs :D nice meeting u ^_~ sorry i didn't make it sa hairsrpay event... T__T

sana mainvite ulit me next time kung may event.. wahehehe :)

til then.. wooooooshhhhhh~

gibbs cadiz said...

LISSA, korek! hehe, galing mo. :)

R-YO, umuwi ka muna dito at magkwento, haha. :)

JEHZEEL, sige next time. basta sumipot ka na! :)

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