Friday, November 07, 2008

Why 'Mga Gerilya sa Powell Street?'

(Clockwise) Chris Millado, Fernando Josef, Tonyboy Cojuangco, Lou Veloso, Dido dela Paz, Joe Gruta, Bembol Roco, Tommy Abuel

“They are suffering, risking their lives in the United States. They are fighting their war in the US, sending allowances back home... [Thus,] they chose to be guerillas both times. They are suffering from illnesses but they struggle to send their money—$600 a month—back home.”--Antonio O. “Tonyboy” Cojuangco, Tanghalang Pilipino chair, in a rare public appearance to support not only TP's new play but the fight for equity rights in the US Congress by Filipino WWII veterans

“They were a whole generation of forgotten heroes... I think they’re dying isa-isa [one by one]. And that is why we are going to tell this very important story of forgotten heroes.”--Chris Millado, director

Amadis Ma. Guerrero's full report on the recent press conference at Milky Way Restaurant in Makati here.

“Mga Gerilya sa Powell Street” opens tonight at CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute, 8 p.m., and will run for four weekends. Call 8321125 loc 1620 or 8323661, or visit

PLUS: On-cam, TP's new artistic director Fernando Josef talks about the Benjamin Pimentel novel, the real-life stories that inspired it, its transition to the stage, how to balance the art and message of the play--as well as his plans for Tanghalang Pilipino's next seasons. [My bad. We should have moved to a brighter spot.]


TheBachelorGirl said...

TP is offering a buy one take one ticket on the first weekend, but you have to be part of their yahoo group or print out the email.

Anonymous said...

can't you filter the background noise? nakakatamad tuloy panoorin at pakinggan yung mga ganyang ginagawa mong interview.

kebs sa choosy said...

OA naman tong anonymous na to, ikaw na nga itong nakikipanood, anlakas pa ng loob mong mag-taray. andali naman maging constructive ('teh gibbs next time sana minimized ang background noise para mas bongga ang interview)... bakit kailangang maging nega?

TheBachelorGirl said...

Hi anonymous. Yes, I'm sure you would like to hear what the interviewees are saying, especially since Gibbs has made such an effort to interview the theatre personalities who really matter.

Although vloggers would like to filter background noise, it requires technical upgrades such as investing in a mike and/or editing programs.

For the moment, maybe you can listen with some excellent earphones? I'm sure the extra effort will be worth it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

beektur said...

gerilya sa powell is a good book. pimentel is a great writer. his book on edjop was the first book i ordered thru mail -- ages ago, while i was in daraga. his generation of writers (juaniyo arcellana, gamalinda, zoyra de vera, remoto, almost everyone that appeared in national midweek) wielded precise, measured text while brandishing the fears, anger and occasional hopes of their times.) remoto still writes and now runs for the public office. gamalinda has somehow become villa, turning more mystical in the most spiritual of american cities, new york. hurrah for benjie pimentel.

what does the current generation of writers write?

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