Sunday, December 14, 2008

Apa khabar!

That's Hello or How are you? in Malaysian, natch. Am blogging aboard the ship while it's docked in Port Kelang; Kuala Lumpur is about an hour's drive away. Since I was in KL just last year, I opted not to join the city tour. Internet's frightfully expensive on board--one US dollar every 2 minutes, so I'll make this quick. Yesterday we were in Penang. Great if truncated heritage tour. From the port to the old part of town, our media group was asked to ride trishaws (something like Chinese rickshaws, but now attached to a bicycle) driven by old men in pink shirts. Fatima of People Asia magazine and I were together on one trishaw, and ours was the only one with music--'80s music. So while we were weaving in and out of (light) Penang traffic and driving along ancient heritage roads and buildings (the whole of Georgetown, Penang's capital, is a UNESCO Heritage site), our quaint vehicle was blasting aloud, in quick succession, Billie Jean, Total Eclipse of the Heart and Beat It. Will show the video next time (plus lotsa photos!), gotta go interview some Pinoy crew members for now--there are a lot of them here, the largest group, in fact, about 15-20 percent of the total crew from some 60 countries. You can tell them apart; they smile more often, are very gregarious and greet you in Filipino without prompting. Total cam whores. We rock.

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