Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cruisin' time

My goodness, not the nocturnal kind, nonono. (Wink.) I mean the conventional kind--you know, big boat, open sea, luxe cabins, Titanic... Oops, let's not go there.

I'll be gone for a few days to, ahem, go on a cruise. Work-related. I have to check out whatever it is that the Royal Caribbean is offering in its Asia Cruises, beginning tomorrow when I fly to Singapore where the boat is docked. Within four days, we're supposed to go to Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then back to Singapore, with time to disembark and see the land-based sights.

As usual, I'm done with my packing a day early. But, this time, as I've been telling office colleagues, I won't believe I've made it out of the country unless I'm safely ensconced in my Legend of the Seas (that's the name of the boat) cabin and the we're out to sea.

You see--now it can be told--I got unusually unlucky this year. Hexed, you might say. After the North Korea debacle came two more opportunities to travel--both to Spain, but to different cities and on different schedules. The people at work were generous enough to offer me both trips, given my NoKor no-show. Both got cancelled--well, the first one was postponed to February, the other one failed to comply with the 15-day requirement for our visa application at the Spanish Embassy. Denied.

I'm the first one in memory to have three strikes like this in the office. Naturally, I've become the object of endless ribbing. “What's wrong with you?,” shrieked Alex, hands on hips. Suggestions have been made for me to undergo exorcism or a blessing, to drive out the curse. Or the schmucks would say, “Mag-local ka muna kaya? How about Fairview?.” I myself have been lamenting aloud to no one in particular, “Sige na po, bunutin niyo na ang karayom!,” to titters all around.

Since it's nearly yearend, I didn't think I'd have the chance to pack my bags again. But the balat seems to be easing off. If things don't miscarry, I'd be aboard the ship and enjoying my first cruise by Friday. I'll try to blog from there and share the view.

Wish me luck. Hey, this time you have to mean it!

P.S. I won't be here yet, but--you have to buy Monday's issue of the Inquirer. Basta. (Mona Lisa smile)


beektur said...

be the king of the world -- or at least of asian cruises. :) have a safe and fun trip!

waltzang said...


Renz said...

I'm sure you'll gain weight after the cruise! There's lots of food onboard! I hope the Filipino crew are as great as the last time I had been with them. =_+

sushi said...

uy share photos gibbs! my friends and i are planning to go on a cruise as well come April. pero not as sosyal as yours :)

Anonymous said...

Cadiz, so HAVE YOU tried fairview? You want company? You never know, whoever's sticking the needle is IN fairview.. Just saying..

You know me.

P.S. So since i havent ben getting a text from you since after you left the airport, I'm guessing you made it? Yay. Haha Have a good trip, gibbs, and a good shag too? Ooops

allan said...

Gebs, same boat kayo ni art? Tineks nya ako! Saya naman!

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