Friday, December 19, 2008

Not I, said the pig

Do you Google your name? You should--at least now and then. You never know what you're going to find out. Here, for instance, is a one-line entry in WikiPilipinas (the very original Pinoy version of Wikipedia) that happens to mention my name:

“Rama at Sita is a musical in two act written by Gibbs Cadiz. This has been adapted into a movie.”

Ay, hindi po. Dalawang malaking pagkakamali. First, I did not write Rama at Sita; in fact, I have nothing to do with it at all, except as an unabashed fan who has blogged about it a few times. I figure that's where the anonymous WikiPilipinas contributor got the idea. Second, as far as I know, no movie has been made of the musical. Good-quality video clips of the show's highlights are available on YouTube, though.

For the record, lest I get flak for usurping the work of others: “Rama at Sita's music and lyrics were a combination of new work penned by Danny Tan, Roy Iglesias and Dodjie Simon, and excerpts from Rama Hari, the 1980 pop ballet by Alice Reyes that featured the music of Ryan Cayabyab and libretto by now-National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera.”

I wrote that myself, here--in what I thought was clear enough language. Somebody still got it all mixed up. Certainly I'd love to be known as the creator of one of the country's best-remembered musical productions, but--read my bee-stung (not!) lips--it ain't true. Caveat emptor. You can never really trust wacky Wiki.

Have you Googled yourself lately? What's the oddest thing that's come up?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Cadiz, big-time. Hahaha. Maybe when you go to ----- by next year, you can always say you're a playwright. They'll never know. And when they Google you, they'll end up seeing the site. Go on then. Haha

P.S. Googling my name can lead you to a networking site (which i never signed up for) and where im listed as "straight". Not I, says the err, bitch.

waltzang said...

r u back? ang dami mo ng posts uli. i sure hope you're not blogging while you are on vacation, you should be out and about and enjoying the sights!

gibbs cadiz said...

JP, you're not straight? i didn't know that! lol. :)

yes, WALTZ, am back. but i posted my yearend round-up while on the ship, haha! :)

marKURAMA said...

I had a autistic/bipolar colleague who got fired because of his behavior towards me and my colleagues.

He posted in forums stating that..
wait.let me google myself again...

*enter my name here* is the most worthless and shameless fag on the planet...and worse, in the philippines///shite, just several miles of distance!!!

Of course, the crazy guy that I am, and thanks to Mariah, I just got to "shake it off."

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