Monday, December 01, 2008

Rolando Tinio's A Life in the Slums, from Gantimpala Theater

Gantimpala Theater closes its 31st Season with “A Life in the Slums,” written by Rolando S. Tinio, National Artist for Theater, which was awarded first prize in the English division of the 1975 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards.

Tony Espejo, Gantimpala Theater artistic director, directs the play, with performances on December 5-6, (10 a.m./2 p.m.), at the AFP Theater, Quezon City; and December 12-14 (10 a.m./2 p.m.) at SM Southmall, Las Piñas City. Shows will resume next year on January 23-25 (10 a.m./2 p.m.) at the AFP Theater, and February 6-7, at SM Southmall.

“A Life in the Slums” is a comedy of manners in nine scenes with musical numbers. It presents the intertwined lives of Henny, a truck diver; the twins Millie and Annie; the neighbor Salud, and Roger, everybody’s lover. Millie and Annie, while sisters live on opposite sides of the material divide--Annie affluent but bored, Millie living in the slums but quite happy with her lot. The two sisters agree to reverse their roles, hoping to discover a different kind of happiness in their newly acquired neighborhoods and personas.

In the cast are Monica Llamas, Kimberly Diaz, Pamela Hundana, Xeno Alejandro, Francis Cruz III and Jojo Riguerra.

Tony Espejo says, “I am directing the play as a theater of the absurd production because, obviously, National Artist Rolando Tinio wrote it so that it can be performed as such. It is very funny; biting at some points, and will definitely open the eyes of people on the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the rich and their ambivalent attitude towards the poor. One day they embrace them, the next day they loathe them.”

“A Life in the Slums” is the fifth season of Gantimpala Theater’s National Artist Production Series. Yearly, the company stages plays written by National Artists for Theater and Literature to give its audiences the opportunity to appreciate and understand the artistic contributions made by these masters.

Helping Espejo in the production are Andy Villareal (lights designer); Marianne Sedotes (set designer); Albert Figueras (costume designer); Joey de Guzman (musical composer); Jorge Cabullo (production manager) and Michael King Urieta (stage manager).

“A Life in the Slums” is fully supported by the National Parks Development Committee.

For information, tickets, and booking information, call the Gantimpala Theater Marketing Office at 8995745/8963503 or 4745198, or e-mail or visit

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