Monday, February 09, 2009

First look: Spring Awakening, Manila cast

[Update: Gone too soon. Sorry, friends, the video will have to be taken down for now--copyright issues.]

From the recent Pasinaya Open House Festival at the CCP--select cast members of Atlantis Productions' forthcoming Spring Awakening perform two numbers from the musical, I Believe and The Song of Purple Summer (video below). The Manila production, to be directed by Chari Arespacochaga, will run September-October 2009.

The performers: Nicco Manalo, Marvin Ong, Robby Romero, Bea Garcia, Yanah Laurel, Ava Santos, Cherry Alba. (Not the whole cast, by the way--the musical will have three more young members joining the group, plus those playing the grown-up parts.)

The kids sound rather thin and tentative in the first song, but appear to have found their footing in The Song of Purple Summer, which already sounds warm and full-bodied at this early stage. The soloists with the soaring voices are Bea Garcia (center) and Marvin Ong (leftmost)--the latter the youngest musical actor I cited in my year-end roundup last year for his impressive work in Ateneo BlueRep's Bat Boy, The Musical. Nicco Manalo, too, was in that list, with a Best Featured Actor citation for his shape-shifting turn in the straight play Marisol.

Needless to say, the thought of witnessing a new generation of fresh and very promising talents like them fire up the stage in perhaps the most electric Broadway musical in years--you've heard the Tony-winning Duncan Sheik-Steven Sater score, haven't you?--is an exciting prospect. Ah, the bitch of livin'--September is still seven months away. Enjoy this teaser for now.

[Update: Gone too soon. Sorry, friends, the video will have to be taken down for now--copyright issues.]


palma tayona said...

aie, so it is true that Spring Awakening's come to these shores. i only heard of this as a whisper a few weeks ago. this is great news indeed.

atlantis is the one staging this? magnificent.

dabo said...

ei.. nice meeting you.

medyo di ako pamilyar sa theater thingy na yan, kaay wala akong ma-iccomment hehe.. anyways its a good evening with you guys last saturday.

gibbs cadiz said...

DANIEL, sorry, hope you were able to catch the vid before i took it down. i'm really looking forward to this production, not only because the musical itself is awesome, but also because many of the actors are newbies. it's always a great feeling to be left impressed and slack-jawed by fresh talents. :)

DABO! glad to see ya here, and even gladder to have met you at the party. salamat sa comment! :)

the spy in the sandwich said...

so who's playing melchior, gibbs?

Anonymous said...


I hope you can post the video again.

Who will play melchior, wendla and moritz?

Anonymous said...

Why are our theater companies so poor in following copyright rules? hope somebody writes general issues on this.

gibbs cadiz said...

atlantis will be making an announcement regarding casting very soon, IAN, ANONYMOUS. and, yes, i'm also hoping i can repost the video soon. :)

ANONYMOUS? care to identify which theater companies? because if you're referring to atlantis/spring awakening in relation to this blog entry, then you've got the wrong impression. it wasn't atlantis' fault. i took down the video at their request, precisely because they were being cautious about copyright issues attached to their license to do the show in the philippines. i shot the video independent of the theater group, as it was a public performance at a very public ("open house," in fact) event. but, not wanting to jeopardize or put their efforts into possible question at this point, i agreed to their request--even if there is a proliferation of unauthorized SA videos on YouTube. so here is one theater company that's conscientious about following copyright. however, since your comment makes a sweeping generalization ("Why are our theater companies so poor in following copyright rules?"), then may i ask you to be more specific? give recent examples, please. because, as far as i know, one of the burdens that hobble local theater companies that put up foreign material is, in fact, the steep licensing fees. they have to pay for every single performance, that's why none of them can do a run longer than a few weeks, unless the show turns out to be a hit. but they do pay--i know new voice company does. stages spent a big sum on the license for west side story. bobby garcia of atlantis has one foot in new york, so there's no way he can dodge paying for the likes of hairspray and now SA and spelling bee. i can't vouch for the rest, but, overall, i do think your statement is quite reckless and misinformed. worse, unfair--because hidden behind an anonymous tag.

Jay said...

examples of not following copyright rules:

(1) performing man of la mancha in the province without applying for rights... specifically in a known director

(2) performing disney's hunchback of notredame by an established theater group in the philippines another known director

(3) doing dance drama using CATS in the provinces by an unknown director

(4) doing palanca plays in the provinces WITHOUT asking permission from respective filipino playrights

Dennis N. Marasigan said...


Tanghalang Pilipino secured rights and paid peformance fees for Kudeta (The Coup) and Golden Child. It also secured permission from Carlo Vergara and Benjamin Pimentel/Ateneo Press before putting on Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah ang Mga Gerilya sa Powell Street. The CCP pays an annual fee to FILSCAP for the use of music in productions produced in its theaters.


yumi said...

I've been addicted to this musical since last year. I've seen bootleg videos of Spring Awakening and I can't wait to see it staged in Manila.

Too bad I wasn't able to see the video you posted, but I can wait for September. Such a long period of waiting! :P

Thanks for this!

oatmeal-cookie said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so upset I just found this post today. I would have loved to see and hear the cast. I'm a huge Spring Awakening addict (I have all the bootlegs that exist), and I've been itching to see this production for months now. I'm so excited!

Thank you for sharing all the info you could! I'll be following your blog for updates. :)

Jed said...

bring this to Esplanade, Singapore...please! =)

felice said...

hi!! anyone interested in tickets? i'm selling for the shows on oct 3 and oct 11, cheaper than ticketworld :)

Anonymous said...

@ oatmeal-cookie
OMG!!! I'm so obsessed with this musical, too! I wanted to watch it in Manila but I live in Cebu...:(...anyway...could i have a bootleg, if you would'nt mind or do you do trades?...hehe...anyway...gibbs, is there anyway that i can se those vids?? hehe

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