Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How could I have missed this for work?

Gerry Plaza's verdict on Joanna Ampil's Valentine concert at the Music Museum:

“She combined powerful vocals, a projection honed in professional theater, flawless diction and raw emotion to give listeners infallible proof that Filipino artists truly have what it takes.

“[Joanna] Ampil enthralled a sparse yet attentive crowd with Broadway music sans expensive costumes and sets. 'I have no character to hide in [tonight],' she said. 'I’m naked in front of you.'

“Highlight of the evening was Ampil’s medley of hits from 'Sunset Blvd,' 'Wicked' and 'Dreamgirls.' [video below, courtesy of Girlie Rodis.] Some spectators were convinced they were hearing versions better than the originals... Should this world-class Pinay talent decide to stay (she’s now based in London), we’ll all be the better for it.”

That Listen is amazing--as is the ease with which she shifts from sumptuous Broadway sound to soul-tinged pop and back. If only the band had sounded better. More: Rainbow Connection here, There's a Fine, Fine Line here.


Andy Briones said...

I saw Joanna Ampril before in Miss Saigon. She's very pretty.

I still think Ima Castro is the definitive Miss Saigon though.

I'm cringing; I can already hear people crying, "Blasphemy!"


Oliver Oliveros said...

Bravo, Joanna!

kyla said...

I can't believe I miss this too (but knowing you missed it to me makes me feel less guilty..hehe). But thank God for Girlie Rodis! hehe Was it just me or the defying gravity sounded a bit different, more pop-ish perhaps? but still love her rendition nonetheless.

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