Thursday, February 12, 2009

The lolcat's out of the bag

“Untrainable, skittish and unpredictable beasts that they are, cats are a bust in Hollywood... But it's those skittish, unpredictable qualities that made them screwball comics for a YouTube age. The box-surfing cat, the kitty on a Roomba, the cat eating gyoza--the Internet pumps out new adorable cat videos every day, many of them comic gems that rack up millions of viewers, their sheer simplicity and nuclear cuteness enough to make serious filmmakers soil themselves with envy and futility.

“Cats' biggest online boost--the anthropomorphized lolcats that launched their own 'catois'--began on a message board for geeks and obsessives... It turns out, cats are a brilliant blank slate. 'Cats are easier to objectify--ask the ancient Egyptians!' says Jason Kottke, who runs the influential site Cats, therefore, 'are easier to make fun of, especially if they act in ways that run counter to cat-like tendencies, which they do in so many popular cat memes.'”

-- “The Internet is made of kittens” (How the lowly cat, shunned by Hollywood, became an online star)

PLUS: “The Best Cat Video You'll Ever See” (Aver nga.)

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