Friday, February 27, 2009

On top of the world

Well, not quite. But you do get the feeling when you´re on the rooftop of the 11th-century Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. Our tour lasted about an hour (courtesy of the Spain Tourist Board--muchas gracias!) and reduced our knees (mine, at least) to quivering jelly from all that climbing. But the view is... well, let´s just put it this way: I blurted out putaaaangina! when I stepped out on the roof and first saw the sight around me, completely forgetting I was on top of a church.

And not just any church, but the third most important site in Catholicism after Jerusalem and Rome. It´s essentially the same vista, we were told, that millions of pilgrims down the centuries also saw when they walked for weeks from all parts of Europe to converge on this ancient city to pay homage to the apostle St. James the Greater, whose relics, tradition says, are buried under the church altar. A side trip to the rooftop of the cathedral, then as now, is a jaw-dropping highlight of the pilgrimage.

My own pics and video will have to wait until after I´m back in Manila. These three for now were taken by Marbee Go, editor of the Travel section of Manila Bulletin and an invaluable colleague on this trip (not least for quickly uploading these shots on her Facebook). See my grin? I look all giddy, don´t I?


pinoyindiekuno said...

I'm assuming you did the sign of the cross after you screamed the P word since you're on top of a holy building. ;-)

FrRoy said...

hey gibbs, did you see the giant thurible that was used (and still is) during the feast of St. James when crowded pilgrims filled up the church to the brim? Did your tourist guide inform you one of its "liturgical functions"? It is quite funny when you find out. Ojala, Dios te bendiga.

Anonymous said...

You sure it was putangina and not puki mo?

Welcome back Cadiz. Thanks for the call.


karl r. de mesa said...

astiiiiig! sanctuary! sanctuary!

gibbs cadiz said...

PINOYINDIE, nope, forgot the sign of the cross, too! :)

FR. ROY, hala, you have to tell me, the guide didn't tell us. :)

PALAMOY, haha, how's the award-winning filmmaker? proud of you, brothah. :)

KARL DE MESA! wow, you're alive! musta na, mehn? paramdam ka naman! :)

r-yo said...

nice life! kainggit.

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