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Summer workshops with PETA, Tanghalang Pilipino

PETA. The annual PETA Summer Theater Arts Workshop is now open for enrollment. Now on its 3rd year, the PETA Summer Theater Arts Workshop is known to advance and promote creativity among children and adults alike. With dynamic courses that focus on visual arts, music, dance, theater and production design, participants are sure to learn and acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that distinctly discover each one's creative power and potential.

For young aspiring actors and artists, PETA offers Children's Theater (1and 2) and Production Workshop for Children. For teens, there's Teen Theater, Production Workshop for Teens and Theater Arts 1, where students learn about creative dance, music, writing, visual arts and group dynamics.

For aspiring thespians, performers and musically-inclined individuals, PETA also offers an advanced course in Basic Acting for Theater, Creative Musical Theater and Creative Dance. Visual Arts enthusiasts can also learn more about lighting techniques, costumes and scenic design through the Production Design course.

Aside from children, teens and aspiring thespians, teachers and moderators are also invited to attend PETA's Creative Pedagogy course, in which teachers are taught to craft and enhance their teaching methods using a creative approach.

All workshop courses are ended by a recital and graduation. Courses run from April to May at the PETA Theater Center, No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila Quezon City.

For inquiries you may reach PETA Marketing at 4100821-7256244 or 0917 5138698,

TANGHALANG PILIPINO. TP's 2009 Summer Theater Adventure is a three-week program of various theatrical activities for different age levels designed to develop, hone and explore the dramatic skills and talents of aspiring theater artists. TP has been praised by parents and students for the excellent experience and intensive training it imparts on the participants.

The summer classes are for children, teens and adults, facilitated by some of the country's most outstanding thespians and practitioners in the field. The time-tested syllabus for each class is carefully designed, reviewed and revised to provide students with the most up-to-date theater performance techniques and enable them to develop their own style. Kids, teens and adults, can choose from the following courses:

CHILDREN'S THEATER 1 (5-8 yrs. old) and CHILDREN'S THEATER 2 (9-12 yrs. old): creative dramatics for children using games, storytelling techniques, movement, music and masks as tools of expression

TEEN THEATER (13-16 yrs. old): an introduction to performance skills for young adults, the course integrates creative drama, music, writing, movement and visual arts to explore themes concerning the youth

BEGINNING ACTING (17 yrs. old & above): a practical application of the rudiments of acting including concentration, spontaneity, improvisation, confidence, body and voice preparation, characterization and script analysis to create a unique and authentic life on stage

MUSICAL THEATER FOR TEENS (12-16 yrs. old) and ACTING IN MUSICAL THEATER (17 yrs. old & above): singing, movement and acting classes are synthesized to prepare actors for performance in musical theater productions.

REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES (18 years old and above): study and application of skills in movement, voice, text and character analysis and improvisation leading to a group performance. Prior acting experience required.

STAGE AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT (18 years old and above): Organizing the production, communicating across different disciplines, and keeping everything running smoothly. Learn about the seamless management of the technical as human aspects of a production.

Perform at the CCP! Each workshop culminates in a recital held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines--Tanghalang Huseng Batute. Students, who enroll in the 2009 Summer Theater Adventure get the chance to be invited to audition or perform in the regular season plays and special shows produced by TP. They also get the chance to be seen by talent scouts during the workshop recitals.

For schedules, discounts and other inquiries, call TP (02)8323661 or (02)8321125 local 1620/1621, fax (02)832-3661 or e-mail

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Anonymous said...

I think, PETA has been doing its Summer Workshops since the late 60's. I was a 1977 PETA Summer Workshop graduate.

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