Sunday, February 08, 2009

The search is on for the next Fabcaster!

All for fun, really, since, as McVie points out at the end of the podcast, “Migs is irreplaceable.” Natch, naturellement! The occasion was a small get-together the Fabcasters (McVie, CC, AJ, Tony, Migs and moi) held last Saturday as a sort of send-off party for Migs, who's moving to another country very soon. You wouldn't hear me in the podcast, as I arrived a bit late and missed my chance to grill the “candidates.” (“So, aside from your face, what is your problem?” Choz!) But here it is, the “Search for the Next Fabcaster” edition, produced and edited by McVie. Warning: Not for the prissy or the laugh-averse!

Listen (12 minutes 44 seconds):

Download the MP3 (right click and save)

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