Friday, March 13, 2009

Calling Addison DeWitt

“By the time I was led to the set for my big scene, I had reached a pitch of anxiety that I had never experienced, and hope never to again. Rather than appear before the cameras, I would have gladly faced a firing squad. Or worse, a ravening mob made up of every actor, author or director I had ever panned... It’s not that I couldn’t infuse the line with enough emotive substance to please a Stanislavski. No, I’m afraid the words I had been relentlessly drilling for the past 24 hours--to the cat, to the refrigerator, to empty elevators and to the brisk air of Madison Square Park--wouldn’t come at all.”

-- NYTimes theater critic Charles Isherwood makes a cameo appearance in Gossip Girl, and survives to tell the tale.

P.S. Who's Addison DeWitt? Here, here and here.


beektur said...

(Don't you think Stephen Fry --in all his movies -- is channeling George Sanders by way of Addison Dewitt?)

I always thought you are Addison DeWitt, despite (or inspite?) of your Catholic seminary training. Should we expect you to have a cameo in Betty La Fea, soon? Calling ABS-CBN casting director!

gibbs cadiz said...

yeah, except when fry was doing a much better wit--wilde himself, in the tv movie of the same name. :)

me, dewitt? ambait ko nga e, wahaha! :) i made a tv appearance once, in a talk show in ch. 2. that would be the first and last. i couldn't bear to look at myself during the rerun, haha. :)

ExPatrius said...

Like Eve, I didn't think Mr. Isherwood was tall enough for that gesture, either. Those who can, do...Those who can't become critics.

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