Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jazz gal, too, if she wants

“[Lea] Salonga's jazz inflections and open, full tones were reminiscent of some of the great gal singers of the fifties; in fact, hers is such a pliable voice that she can take on several different vocal styles with ease.” -- Andrew Gans, Playbill

Persuasive new evidence from my baul:

[Photo: Gergoz]


Karla said...

I love this version, Gibbs! I actually have this in my player, and it's one of the tunes I play in the middle of a graveyard shift when I'm writing boring stuff on promotional products. Bouncy no?

Ipat Luna said...

Wonderful performer. Just wish I didn't have to see her everyday in billboards and facebook endorsing Enfakid!! Am sure she didn't attain her prominence and vocal range because of that!

Juliette said...

This is great. I never heard this version before and I must admit, I like it more than the original. Thanks.

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