Monday, April 13, 2009

Housekeeping notes

1. Not a few readers have told me the blog seems to have become heavier lately, i.e., slow to load. I suspect it's due to some widgets I've added, like the tag cloud and the live activity feed box at the bottom. I've taken them out, so that should take care of the matter. Let me know if the site is still a slowpoke.

2. The ads are gone, too--from the front page. They weren't earning for me, anyway. From now on, Google ads will only appear in archived individual entries--those seven days or older. Except for a teeny-weeny Amazon box spot at the bottom of the middle column that I use as some sort of space-breaker, the front page will be completely ad-free. Less clutter, I hope, means easier reading for everyone.

3. I've decided to moderate comments. In more than two years of blogging, I've not thought it necessary to screen comments from anyone, anonymous or not. But my laissez-faire attitude appears to have encouraged spammers and trolls as well. There's also the matter of growing jurisprudence (in the US, at least) assigning final responsibility to bloggers for comments found on their sites, whether unmoderated or not. Comments are still much welcome, of course, and for sure I'd be a lenient moderator. But if you need to post a message or question unrelated to the entries, please use the chatbox in the middle column. Or you can e-mail me. Thanks for the consideration.


joelmcvie said...

In furnezz Gibbs, your blog now loads faster compared to before. =)

waltzang said...

ang bilis na uli mag load ng blog mo. before it would take 48 years tapos the entries would load last pa. and it felt kinda cluttered with all those chorvas.

today, entries loaded first before the right side thingies.

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