Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Postscript to Cagbalite: Note of a native son, and podcast

Hi, I'm a native of Mauban and I practically grew up there. I read your article in PDI, the correct spelling is Cagbalete, however it is pronounced as 'kag-ba-li-ti.' Thank you for featuring this small island in our hometown, it is truly an undiscovered paradise. That island was our 'picnic' (as Maubanin call for swimming party) place when I was in high school, particularly the Pansacola Beach. The family name of your photographer, Alquiros, is familiar with me, I had a schoolmate named Roby Alquiros.

Thanks and God Bless you!

Riyadh, KSA

PLUS: “We did make a podcast, while sundry salagubang and the occasional bat whizzed by us and made jittery me jump up in fright every time. Watch out for it.” So I wrote. Well, here it is--perhaps the most relaxed podcast we've done, ever. As I told Migs, if our last gabfest was Regine Velasquez, this was more... uhm, Sitti?

Part 1: (20 mins)
Download Part 1-18.6MB (right click and save)

Part 2: (20 mins)
Download Part 2-18.3MB (right click and save)

Podcast editor/producer
McVie, but of course!

Music credits
The Tide Is High by Blondie
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) by Pitbull
75 Brazil Street by Nicola Fasano


Ian Felix Del Banco Alquiros said...

yes, robby is my brother, he's the 3rd, am the 5th, we're 7....

thanks gibbs,,, cheers for mauban and cagbalete island!

cant_u_read said...

hmph! naunahan na kami sa guesting! :-(si jay, nakakatuwa magtanong. intelihente ang language pero tunog-bata. parang batang nanghihingi ng wisdom sa mga lola nyang nagngangalang Fabcasters.

re: sacrifice in the name of love--- kaya nga diba, we don't get in a relationshp because it will make us whole, but because we are whole enough that we are able to share. one only loses a part of himself when he doesn't know who he reaaly is, what he wants, what he is willing to give, and what he wants to preserve.

i agree with most of your responses to the anxieties question. happiness doesn't is not a question of circumstances, but how one, gay or not, is able to view them. what one refers to as lonesomeness is single-blessedness to another.

"My happiness doesn't depend on others. I make my own person" ganyan dapat! wagi ka jan, AJ! at nakisama ako sa standing ovation para sa yo jan.

joel: ang suplado nung "Do you make friends in the bathhouse?" "Nooo!" LOL.

"common anxieties ...not inevitable, not that bad, not necessarily for gay men." truth! masyado lang tayong self-flagellating in general. drama queens, indeed!

shet!!! beer on the beach, under the stars on a good friday with friends. panalo!

e kumusta naman, joel, yung pinu-push mo na malibugan si gibbs sa resort boys? pasaway! LOL.

ako, MGG, pwedeng mag-substitute sa counselling sa kanila when u're busy. basta bring a bottle of wine.

gibbs: bodily fluids to bodily fluids... hindi pwede! play safe! always!

enjoyed the episode immensely, Fabcasters! ang saya nyo.. pero i'm sure mas masaya ang episode pag kami ang nag-guest! (ipilit?!?!?!)

r-yo said...

i guess i would have to bring you to capul para ma feature din ang mahiwaga naming isla sa INQ. he he. would july be ok? hehe

gibbs cadiz said...

hey IAN, thanks for helping arrange our trip! cheers, indeed, to mauban, cagbalete, den and dan... haha! :)

aynaku RYE, next time uwi kayo dito, dapat matuloy na yang joint podcast na yan! :)

R-YO, basta ba di maalon papunta sa isla e. :)

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