Saturday, April 25, 2009

That other Michelle--Malkin--must be apoplectic

From today's Slate:

USA Today leads with a new poll that shows Obama has managed to maintain good approval ratings while also improving his image with the American people. The percentage of Americans who see Obama as a “strong and decisive leader” has increased 12 points since October, while the view that he is an effective manager has gone up by 11 points. Overall, 56 percent say he has done an “excellent” or “good” job since moving into the White House, while 20 percent give him a “poor” or “terrible” rating. As good as his numbers may be, his wife beat him hands down with 79 percent saying they approve of the way Michelle Obama is handling her job as first lady.

Photo: Official White House portrait of US First Lady Michelle Obama, in a sleeveless black dress designed by Michael Kors (retail price: $3,195). [Hat tip: The Inquisitr]

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