Thursday, May 21, 2009

Follow me on Facebook, etc.

1. A new application called NetworkedBlogs makes it easier for fellow Facebook users to read my blog entries--or any blog they subscribe to--within Facebook itself. That's good news for those who do their online stuff exclusively on the network (nagbababad, in other words), and who wouldn't want to be bothered to get out and blog-hop (I know some people who eat, breathe and get high on Facebook everyday!) So, if you have an FB account and would like to be updated on my blog entries, just click on the Follow button here. Or you can check out the widget at the right column and click on the button.

And if you're not on Facebook yet--where have you been hiding all this time? Friendster's dead, or has become a zombie. MySpace is on its way out, too, says this report. How long will Facebook reign before a hipper, spiffier social networking site comes along and leaches critical mass away from it? I've no idea. When it comes to these things, I'm driftwood--I just float along.

2. My Podbean account, which is responsible for hosting all the audio tracks in this blog, is currently deactivated--overdue renewal, no thanks to a reminder e-mail that went straight to the spam folder. (The account sets me back by about P3,000 a year--yes, sharing those songs costs money, alas.) If you're trying to play any of the audio tracks, apologies if all you get right now is mocking silence. Will try to have the services reactivated asap. Chris, help!

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