Thursday, May 14, 2009

Invitation to cover Cinemalaya 2009

Cinemalaya marks its fifth anniversary this year--a grand occasion, considering how big the indie film festival has become. (Last year's two big hits, Francis Pasion's Jay and Chris Martinez's 100, have gone on to reap awards and acclaim in film festivals abroad.)

The press conference presenting the Cinemalaya 2009 entries is set for Thursday, May 21, 12 noon, at the CCP Main Theater lobby.

Are you interested to blog about the presscon, the Cinemalaya movies, actors, directors, artists and other prime movers--about the festival itself?

Through this blog, Cinemalaya is inviting five bloggers to join the presscon on Thursday next week and subsequently cover the festival in July 2009.

There are only two conditions:

1. You should blog about the Thursday presscon, where you're free to interview and take pictures/video of the directors and their cast who will be presented to the press, as well as the festival organizers.

2. You should have the time and interest to watch the film festival in July, consisting of 10 feature-length and 10 short films in the main exhibition--and blog about them, in whatever way you feel like. I will do a regular round-up of Cinemalaya-related entries and reviews on this blog, properly linked to your posts.

What you will get:

1. A pass that gives you free access to all the main film exhibition screenings and other related activities (open forums, congress, meet-and-greet photo ops, awards night) for the duration of the festival. The pass, given only to a select few, will bear your name and is not transferable. Be among the first to watch--and write about--the next breakout Filipino indie film.

2. The opportunity to meet some of the country's most promising directors, actors and other artists, as well as prominent, established ones who are participating in the festival. Meeting celebrities, if that's your thing, isn't farfetched, too. Last year's edition attracted an overflow crowd everyday--mostly young moviegoers, along with big stars and movie industry people, all checking out the buzz on and rooting for their favorite entries. It's an exciting event, and you'll be in the middle of it.

Are you up to the challenge? E-mail me at to reserve a slot. First-come, first-served. CCP needs the names of the five active bloggers asap, so hit that Send button now. (Include your blog URL and contact details, please.)

A caveat: Reread the conditions--accepting this invite requires time, commitment and effort.

On the other hand, watching movies for free and blogging about them--what could be cooler?


beektur said...

i like free pass to all the movies. waaah!

P0ytee said...

Thanks for the heads up, Gibbs. Yay.

Micamyx said...

I want too :D I have and i'm planning to put some reviews up too. :D

reyjr said...

that would be cool to do actually. i have all of zero experience writing movie reviews, but it's always fun to talk about movies after you watch them so I suppose it's not that different. :D

unfotunately i work in batangas! :p boo!

Kevin said...

I WANT TO, but I'm afraid my knowledge about directors and stuff isn't that credible...

If there's any event that's book-related, gimme a buzz! HAHA. With that, I'm very willing.

enegue said...

gibbbbbbbsssss!! waaaahhhh i soooo want this! hehe kaso i'm sooo toxic in med right now. =(

gibbs cadiz said...

uwi ka muna dito, BEEKTUR. baka andito ka pa for cinemalaya and virgin labfest, yehey! :)

POYTEE, MICAMYX--workmates na pala kayo! hehe, poyt, makibalita ka na lang kay mica ha? :)

REYJR, actually, you don't need to write movie reviews, just what you think about the movies. :)

KEVIN, give me a buzz when you're in town one of these days, i may have a book or two for you. :)

EUGENE, take it easy! aral muna--but go see cinemalaya pa din. :)

thebaklareview said...

i would, but i think the cinemalaya competition has a quota of only one gay-themed movie a year haha.

Ernest Sy said...

Thanks Gibbs! See you there! =))

Giselle Hannah said...

Hi! Invite-only lang po ba ang awards night or magre-release po sila ng tickets? Many Thanks.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi GISELLE, in cinemalayas past, free admission ang awards night, basta andun ka lang early for tickets kasi first-come, first-served and free seating. let's hope ganun pa din this year. :)

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