Saturday, May 23, 2009

Podcast: Online romance--me katuturan ba?

Do you believe in online romance?

I take a neutral stance on it. Just in the office, I know a couple of employees who've had happy endings to their online love affairs. One met her future American husband through personal ads and chatting. The smitten guy then came over and wooed her and her family, assuring the jittery Pinay that he was sincere in his intentions and she had nothing to be worried about. The happily married couple now live in the US.

On the other hand, there's our friend Tristan of the blog Tristan Tales, whose online love affair-gone-bust was, I imagine, the water-cooler talk for a few weeks among the many faithful readers of both his blog and Migs' (which featured a full report of the debacle, written by Tristan himself).

Tristan fell for someone who engaged him in hours of apparently sensible online and phone chats for a couple of weeks. And then the guy vanished, just like that--hurtling his by-now completely hooked chatmate into an emotional tailspin. But Tristan had never met the person. He had held on to the voice, and a snapshot of the guy's shoulder. Which had me asking, jokingly of course--“What if isa lang pala ang shoulder niya?”

Here's his story, and our fun chitchat, in part 1 of the latest Fabcasters podcast. Actually, it's just me, McVie and Migs in this impromptu recording. Tony, CC and AJ weren't around, but we had as our guests four blogger friends: JaybeeCC, Joaqui, John Stanley and the Tristan. Enjoy!

Download this fabcast (right click and save)

Ikaw, what do you think of searching for love--gay, straight or whatever, basta serious relationship--on the Internet?


Karla said...

Naku, wala akong swerte online, Gibbs, I guess because I'm lazy to keep up a conversation going with someone I've never met, and I don't believe someone who declares love unless I've looked him in the eye as he spoke.
But on second thought, I know there are good, honest souls out there who don't deceive or manipulate online.
Maybe I'm in the wrong chatroom? LOL

rsapan said...

I fool around once in the chat room and spoke to this person many times on the phone and after that I stopped it. And I feel bad about it. :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

KARLA, why is it that we both usually end up in the wrong chatrooms?! haha. :)

RSAPAN--hmmm, rolly, ikaw ba yan??? :)

Aileen Apolo said...

Iba pa rin ang in-the-flesh ;)

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