Monday, May 18, 2009

Roger Ebert butchers Kinatay

Ouch. “Here is a film that forces me to apologize to Vincent Gallo for calling 'The Brown Bunny' the worst film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival.”

Ouch ouch. “There will be critics who fancy themselves theoreticians, who will defend this unbearable experience, and lecture those plebians like me who missed the whole Idea. I will remain serene while my ignorance is excoriated. I am a human being with relatively reasonable tastes. And in that role, not in the role of film critic, I declare that there may not be ten people in the world who will buy a ticket to this movie and feel the money was well spent.”

The full demolition job here.

The UK Telegraph's Sukhdev Sandhu is supportive:

“'Kinatay'... is infinitely darker but an equally strong depiction of modern-day life in the former American colony that some are comparing to Gasper Noe's 'Irreversible'... Mendoza is no gore-hound. He's more serious than Noe. This is a fiercely moral and horribly unforgettable denunciation of societal corruption.”

While Maggie Lee of The Hollywood Reporter is more of two minds than outraged:

“This full-on experience of forced voyeurism is certain to incite strong (most probably offended) responses. The deliberately rough-hewn art direction adds to the blunt force of Mendoza's moral outrage, but it won't help 'Kinatay'... make a killing in theatrical business. [Its] sketchy slice of crime world nastiness can be found anywhere. This makes it a hard sell even to art houses, as their target audience often looks for stronger cultural flavor.”

Thor Bee has a review round-up here.


reyjr said...

And he's BEST DIRECTOR at Cannes. Haha. Eat that critics. lol.

gibbs cadiz said...

hehe, must've given the critics an aneurysm, REYJR. :)

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