Monday, June 01, 2009

Anthology of Virgin Labfest plays to be launched June 23

The anthology, which includes 15 plays from years 1-4 of the Virgin Labfest, will be launched on June 23, 2009, the opening day of the Labfest. The anthology contains:

Year 1:
“Rite of Passage” by Glenn Sevilla Mas
“Geegee at Waterina” by J. Dennis Teodosio

Year 2:
“Ang Unang Aswang” by Rody Vera
“The Palanca In My Mind” by Job Pagsibigan
“Tres Ataques de Corazon (The Angina Monologues)” by Nicolas Pichay
“Hubad” by Liza Magtoto and Rody Vera

Year 3:
“Mga Obra ni Maestra” by Njel de Mesa
“Three Sisters: Isang Noh” by Yoji Sakate
“Teroristang Labandera” by Debbie Ann Tan
“Ellas Inosentes” by Layeta Bucoy

Year 4:
“Pamantasang Hirang” by Tim Dacanay
“Dong-Ao” by F. Sionil Jose
“Masaganang Ekonomiya” by Allan Lopez
“Ang Bayot, Ang Meranao at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakababagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte” by Rogelio Braga
“Ang Kalungkutan ng mga Reyna” by Floy Quintos


beektur said...

Yay! Pa-reserve, signed by writers? Hehe.

Alem said...

would you know if they would have some sort or "festival pass" similar to Cinemalaya? i've always been asking for one para i can watch all/most of the plays kaso in the past years, you have to buy a ticket for each play e.

Anonymous said...

Some of these materials really showed good writing skills. Sana ibang directors naman ang maghandle pag ginawa ulit....tutal ang labfest naman aims to showcase the materials and not the directors. Overall, the labfest produced some pretty good materials

Anonymous said...

one of my colleagues told me that one of the plays in the labfest is about or dedicated to commander bravo the muslim rebel because the writer is a muslim from this true?

gibbs cadiz said...

BEEKTUR, sure! magandang idea to have all the playwrights sign their plays! :)

ALEM, meron din ata festival pass ang labfest, but am not sure. if wala, baka pwedeng bumili na tickets to all plays and dating ka na lang maaga for each since free seating lagi. :)

ANONYMOUS, that's right, another set of directors re-mounting the materials would be great. :)

ANONYMOUS, whoever told you that doesn't know what he's saying. excepting the coming plays which i've not seen yet, there was nothing in labfests past that was dedicated to or inspired by commander bravo. but there have been a couple of good plays set in mindanao, both by ogie braga, a playwright whose fierce and brave commitment to mindanao issues has made him convert to the muslim faith--an admirable thing in my book. :)

Eros said...

Cool. I'm definitely buying one. I was able to watch all the plays included in the festival. ;-)

gibbs cadiz said...

ANONYMOUS, i have to apologize for my hasty reaction to your comment. i've just learned that there IS a play in this year's batch about commander bravo, or at least the common image of him. since i haven't seen it yet, or any other play from the coming batch, i can't comment on whether it's a good play or not. i just want to say that what your friend told you was basically right. again, my apologies for my hasty retort. :)

EROS, great! happy reading! :)

Anonymous said...

I bought one already! It's so worth the buy! Haha!

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