Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on free Virgin Labfest tickets: Only 4 slots left

[LATEST UPDATE: Only one ticket left--for Wednesday, June 24, 3 p.m. set. Going, going...]

Tuesday, June 23: SET A
3 p.m. Taken (Abby)
8 p.m. Taken (Ryan)

Wednesday, June 24: SET B
8 p.m. Taken (Lawrence)

Thursday, June 25: SET C
3 p.m. Taken (Melanie)
8 p.m. Taken (Alem)

Friday, June 26: SET D
3 p.m. Taken (Bianca)
8 p.m. Taken (Riezel)

Saturday, June 27: SET E
3 p.m. Taken (Rhodge)
8. p.m. Taken (Nikos)

Sunday, June 28, SET F
3 p.m. Taken (Abaniko)
8 p.m. Taken (Herbs)

The Virgin Labfest starts tomorrow. Send that e-mail now.

PLUS: Just in--the cover of the first-ever Virgin Labfest anthology, copies of which will be among the first and second prizes of the blog contest.

Show details, contest mechanics and prize photos here and here.

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