Monday, June 01, 2009

God, thy name is Irony

1. Boy Abunda in full faux-outrage mode in yesterday's The Buzz, decrying the national obsession with those infamous sex videos and imploring people not to further participate in the orgy of titillation by watching or downloading the vids--while his show devotes roughly two-thirds of its entire running time to the issue, each new segment bombastically introduced as even more “explosibo” than the last. Nyahaha.

Then that curious statement: “There's a pendulum hanging over the heads of the people involved here,” or something to that effect, but I'm sure about the pendulum. Maybe he meant a sword, a noose, a question mark? (And maybe he's more than a little agitated because his ward Ruffa Mae Quinto is said to be next on the hot video playlist?)

Not ironic, just riveting television, because completely unexpected: Kris Aquino suddenly putting Ruffa Gutierrez on the spot when, in the middle of commenting on the Senate hearings, she points out that Ruffa has also gone through similar proceedings. “Was it pretty?” she daintily asks her dumbfounded co-host, whose forced smile can't hide her annoyance at being reminded, along with millions of viewers, of her involvement in the “Brunei beauties” brouhaha of years past. Another classic taklesa moment from the inimitable Kris Aquino. More, more.

2. Overseas, this You-can't-make-this-up howler courtesy of The Daily Dish: A fiery gay-bashing editorial from a Wasilla, Alaska newspaper (yep, home of Sarah Palin) with the headline “Will the Anti-Christ be a homosexual?”--whose first posting on the Net apparently included an ad for Connexion, a well-known gay networking site. The ad is gone now from the page, but not before an alert reader managed to capture a screenshot (see below) of the mash-up that must have caused the pastor-author a bout of teeth-gnashing and garment-rending. Double nyahaha. God, I'm sure now, is a fan of Jon Stewart.


beektur said...

Peter Shaffer, through Antonio Salieri, in Amadeus: "Mediocrity! Mediocrity!"

Anonymous said...

Yah. I saw Kris being as always tactless. Such an awkward moment for RUffa. However, she should have answered it para tumahimik si Kris. Halatang nagulat siya. Di nakapagreact quickly. Parating may disclaimer ang mga statements pa na hindi nila sinasabi na holier than thou sila..When in fact, iyon iyong isang issue about this entire thing, public figures being held accountable for their public actions.... (public kasi nabunyag na nga)

gibbs cadiz said...

namansh, BEEKTUR. :)

ANONYMOUS, hehe, i can imagine the backstage isnaban ng dalawa afterwards. :)

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