Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jude Law plays Hamlet in London

Jude Law is “fierce-eyed, charismatic, gestural to a degree one wouldn’t expect from a character who makes a point of advising the Players not to 'saw the air'... [in] “a wintry, streamlined staging that gives us 'to be or not to be' delivered as snow falls,” reports Matt Wolf in the NYTimes. Ah, what I'd give to watch this.

PLUS: David Jays cocks an underwhelmed eye at this “Hugo Boss Hamlet”--“If there was an award for best-dressed Hamlet, Jude Law would walk it... It may seem shallow as a puddle to discuss Hamlet through the cut of his suit, but it encapsulates Jude Law's version. Law is fine (bitter, big hands stretched wide), but he's not my idea of Hamlet.”

[Photos: Johan Persson. More photos here.]


Nobe said...

jude law is a great actor, no question about it.



jamie da vinci! said...

jude law is LOOOOVE!!!

gibbs cadiz said...

hey, NOBE, thanks for the comment. i'd say he's not yet great, but on his way. :)

ahaha, you're drooling, JAMIE! :)

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