Monday, June 08, 2009

Reading plays, as opposed to watching them

“Theater is a social and collaborative art form, and a playwright’s work is no doubt most fully realized on the stage. But to encounter plays on paper is to encounter them in their platonic form. You’re glued to the playwright’s words, not sitting in Row K jostling for an armrest... While reading, you can submit more perfectly to the author’s spell and, what’s more, you are your own casting director.”

-- Dwight Garner, “Submitting to a Play’s Spell, Without the Stage”

P.S. About that picture--here.


Anonymous said...

Hope you write extensively on this gibbs. Though madami tayong plays na napapanood, dapat di makalimutan lalo na nung mga gusto talagang ipursue ang interest na ito (as an audience, participant....) ang importance ng skill on textual analysis. Hindi naman puede kasi na direct lang ng direct pero out na sa "boundary" ng play. May carrying capacity for me kasi ang mga materials. Good that you brought it up. Hope magsulat ka pa ng articles on this and sa mga reviews mo, maincorporate na dapat balikan pa din ang original materials when actually doing a critique or review . :)

Yj said...

the best thing about reading is that papa piolo gets to be the leading man, aways... siempre alam na kung sino yung leading lady.... hahahahaha

Angelo said...

History Boys!!!! =)

gibbs cadiz said...

hey ANONYMOUS, erm, hirap naman ng challenge mo (lunok), hehe. lemme gather my thoughts and will try to blog about it more extensively next time. but, yes, i agree on the importance of going back to the text. before thinking out of the box, know what's in the box first, ika nga. :)

YJ, di ko alam. sino ziya? :)

ANGELO--take note, the screenplay version. i'd love to get my hands on the play itself. :)

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