Friday, June 05, 2009

Three musical eras, three leading ladies of song

Sharing with you three new uploads from my stash--my way of saying thanks for something I hadn't noticed until a day ago: this blog has breached 200,000 visits. Quite small compared to other superstar sites, but, hey, it's been a very rewarding experience blogging for the last two years and luring in all those visitors. I mean you, you and you. Salamat gid.

Since I've no good enough prize or freebie to give away this time, eto na lang: three fresh video clips from my collection.

It struck me that the musical moments featured here can be arranged to form a rough chronology of Filipino popular music. In Vid1, the divine Verni Varga sings a passionate Bituing Marikit, from the era of the kundiman, sarsuwela and Atang dela Rama. In Vid2, we jump in time to the '70s with the peerless Celeste Legaspi singing a gorgeous Tuliro (which I heard was an anthem of many Pinoy gay men of that generation). Finally, in Vid3, Lea Salonga offers no less than a summation of that time in the '80s-'90s when the theme songs of memorable Viva melodramas defined and enlarged OPM.

Come, hop aboard this impromptu musical journey. And wish me those next 200,000 hits!

Bituing Marikit by Nicanor Abelardo and Servando de los Angeles, performed at the concert Lagi Kitang Naaalala: A Musical Tribute to the National Artists held at the CCP. Beektur, because you love Verni to bits, this is especially for you.

Music and lyrics by Ms. Legaspi's husband Nonong Pedero, performed at the recent Rubies: Gems in Philippine Performing Arts, held at the CCP. Ms. Girlie Rodis, lifelong friend of Ms. Legaspi, this is for you. And Tuxqs--I know you're a huge fan, too, so enjoy!

Pinoy Pop Medley (Sana'y Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan, Kahit Na, Mahawi Man ang Ulap, Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, Ikaw Lamang and Bituing Walang Ningning)--all songs by Willy Cruz except Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin (composed by Louie Ocampo), arrangement by Ryan Cayabyab. From Lea's concert Songs From Stage and Screen at the PICC. This goes most of all to the biggest Lea fans I know, husband-and-wife Mits and Bing.

Wait--actually, I'm not sure if Ikaw Lamang is by Willy Cruz. I've Googled several times, nothing definite there. Help?


beektur said...

Award! There's another common threads among the three performers besides their talent and skills: their apparent resolve to maintain artistic integrity in a business where the easy route is to give in to the public's whim and fancy. Verni was initially packaged to compete with Imelda Papin and Eva Eugenio but at the 11th hour decided to pursue her brand of music. Celeste invested a lot of energy on promoting kundiman -- her Bagong Plaka series was commendable. And Lea of course kept rose above everyone in her generation by maintaining who she is. That, for me, is their way of educating the public without the polemics and the rants.

A sudden recollection: watching the late Elvira Manahan on Two for the Road sang (not quite successfully) Tuliro, after which Celeste, who was a guest that night told her, "It's yours now, Elvira." To which Elvira only replied with her inimitable laugh. Award!

Bing said...

Gibbs, I'd like to be your researcher. :)

Composed by: DODJIE SIMON

1991 Blackgold Records TOTS TOLENTINO Musician/Arranger
2001 Musiko Records (BMG) LEA SALONGA Singer

Mel S. said...

Tuliro has got to be the most lyrical Filipino song. How not to be swept by it's heady melody and witty and utterly romantic words? In all my 30 odd years, I have heard this song in its entirety just recently. Now I can't get enough of it!

Jr Martillo said...

Congrats for the 200,000 hits gibbs. The thing is you have lesser visits because your site does not cater to every gay's whim. Post porn and your registry will skyrocket. That is what separates you Gibbs, this is your own niche in the vastness of cyberspace.


gibbs cadiz said...

agree, BEEKTUR. originality will count for something in the long haul. though the long haul is a concept already alien to most 15-minute stars and starlets these days. :)

haha, hey BING, thanks! :)

MEL, true! lyrical songwriting seems to be a dead art. it died with george canseco and his generation, i think. (i'll include rey valera there--the verbal simplicity of his songs is, for me, a great strength.) :)

hey JR, thanks for the kind words. hmmm, the way i see it, porn works not only for gays but for straights as well. depends lang what kind of porn, haha. :)

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