Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Words that make you nod your head and go 'Hmmm...'

Brillante Mendoza, on Ricky Lo's observation that he tells his stories “more in visuals than in dialogues”: “When I edit my films, I turn the sound to ‘mute.’ I want to see na kaya mag-kuwento ng aking visuals. Remember, film is a visual medium. The sound and music should only help enhance the story-telling. If you notice, there’s not so much musical background in my films.”

Heather Havrilesky, on Susan Boyle losing her cool and placing second on Britain's Got Talent: “[T]he celebrity cycle has finally sped up to such a head-spinning extent that we can find ourselves loving an unlikely vocal star for her clumsy charm one minute and then condemning her for being a regular, flawed human being made uncomfortable by the unflattering glow of the limelight the next... Susan Boyle greeted our adoration with a confused haze of ambivalent emotions, and we hated her for it. At the bewildering height of the information age, we've evolved into unsteady creatures whose sentimentality sours to vengeance in seconds; we bless our brand-new creations with tears of joy, then promptly eat our young.”

By way of Jessica Zafra and Manolo Quezon, Rep. Teodoro Locsin's trenchant take on press freedom, in reaction to the Right of Reply Bill (“Stunning to read a literary statement from a member of congress,” says Jessica): “...press freedom is not a sacred right because, as everyone knows, journalism is not a priestly calling. None of its practitioners practice celibacy except when they have no choice. Indeed, there is nothing sacral about journalism--not by a long shot--even if its practice involves excessive intakes of heady beverages, frequent complaints about the shortness of 'bread', repeated grousing about the failure of media owners to multiply their wages combined with the overcompensation of former colleagues who are unaccountably transubstantiated into editors and publishers... Any journalist who takes himself too seriously is not a serious journalist and is probably an academician or a media watchdog. As Samuel Johnson may have said, ‘Why do writers write? It’s a job.’”

Note: If blogger and party-list representative Mong Palatino is correct, the proposed Right of Reply bill might soon be rapping on our blog doors--and on our iPods and cellphones, too. Bikoy lays it out. Bienvenido Abante is the name of the House bill sponsor, the same congressman who blocked an anti-discrimination bill and called homosexuality “morally reprehensible”--while sitting as chair of the House Committee on Human Rights! For a man surnamed Abante, the guy is hopelessly paatras. Did I mention he's also a pastor? Naknamfuchsiangdalagnaman.

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