Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dulaang UP presents Frank Wedekind's Lulu

“Lulu” is a story of a person who has no qualms about the body and its sexual needs.

Lulu, an alluring woman in the English version and a captivating transsexual in the Filipino version, is a being able to explore and express her desires without compromise or guilt. Adored and lusted by men, women and creatures of the world, she takes them on a dance of bodily freedom, of the mind’s liberation and utter ecstasy.

But like any other person, Lulu searches for other human beings who can accept and understand her seemingly deviant nature. In her hunt, she meets a myriad of “civilized beasts”: painters, writers, the educated and the ignorant, the rich and the poor, the young and the dying--many upright and honorable by day but transformed into hungry animals in the dark.

Lulu embraces each person only to find him or her weak and forever trapped by man's idea of propriety.

Che Ramos and Tuxqs Rutaquio topbill the play as Lulu. Also in the cast are Acey Aguilar, Angeli Bayani, Alexander Cortez, Jules de la Paz, Ian Lomongo, Jojit Lorenzo, Missy Maramara, Paolo O'hara, Meynard Penalosa, Andoy Ranay, Gabs Santos, JC Santos and Randy Villarama.

Direction and choreography by Dexter M. Santos, Filipino Translation by Joel Saracho, production design by Tuxqs Rutaquio, lights design by John Batalla, dramaturgy and additional text by Patrick Valera, sounds design by J Victor Villareal, photography and poster design by Jojit Lorenzo and poster art direction by Carlo Vergara.

“Lulu” runs Aug 5-Aug 23 at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, UP Diliman.



Anonymous said...

Sana naman wag paghubarin ang mga estudyante. They are kids pa lang...

Anonymous said...

Sana naman wag paghubarin ang mga estudyante. They are kids pa lang...--> eventually naman din kasi pumapayag some students to disrobe.

beektur said...

And why not? Nudity is in the imagination of the beholder. A horde of men can parade in nude in front but if done it taste, it does not really matter. :)

Anonymous said...

And why not? Nudity is in the imagination of the beholder. A horde of men can parade in nude in front but if done it taste, it does not really matter. :) --> EVEN OF MINORS OR STUDENTS? JUST ASKING.

Anonymous said...


Where can I buy tickets?


Anonymous said...


Where can I buy tickets?


at the Dulaang UP office in UP Diliman
Er, specifically at the Palma Hall Bldg. or popularly known as AS Bldg.
You can ask the guard or perhaps anybody.

I watched their dress and technical rehearsal last Tuesday. It was nice for a rehearsal and as expected, quite shocking... :)

Anonymous said...

Sana naman wag paghubarin ang mga estudyante. They are kids pa lang...--> eventually naman din kasi pumapayag some students to disrobe.

--> Actually, they are not kids anymore.

I watched it. :)

Anonymous said...

My stand is not don't make them strip because they're young but instead, don't make them strip if it is not needed.

Most of the actors in the cast are no longer students - in fact are alumni or guest performers well known for their individual - and quite excellent - body of work. My objection to all the nudity that I witnessed during the show was that the play would have stood even without it.

We did not sense the powerful and dangerous magnetism of Lulu, that unavoidable, flaming charisma and pull that would make men and women lay everything down at their feet. She is a jumping, frolicking, vain little girl who likes looking at the mirror and being told she is pretty. We did not feel any sexual tension between her and her many lovers - we do not feel their destructive, maddening, unavoidable desire for her. We get glimpses of this from the magnificent Angeli Bayani, but she is directed too poorly that she is unable to show this consistently. Add to this the fact that the actors seem to be playing to the audience, that when the stripping comes, it (butt cracks and boobs et al) all seem to be for spectacle and show. It does not come from a place of genuine rawness, desire, and depravity. Culminating in a rabbit from the hat, choose your own adventure twist, there is no climax, no catharsis, no redemption for the audience - or for this play as well.

- The Anti-crap Crusader

idadudes said...

It could have been shorter, simpler and sexier.

I don't have a problem with the cast; I have a problem with the script. For one, the play could have done without a number of characters. For instance, the child. Why make him/her stay on the theater for three hours on a school night if you'll only need him/her to show up at the beginning and end? There's no point in juxtaposing innocence with Lulu (if ever that's the case), because we already know what Lulu is - the personification of desire. Besides, there's no acting involved in walking up the aisle and playing with newspapers on the ground. But then that's just one of the few things that have been thrown into this melee of a play. And I may have an analogy for this. You know the new Red Ribbon cakes with flavors that are a bit too complicated? Like, you have mocha, creme, nuts, pieces of such and such and this and that - how the hell would you even be able to savor the cake with all that, er, "jazz"? It may do ok for others, but not for me. I'd rather have brazo de mercedes or choco roll from Goldilocks.

I expected this play to be, well, R-18. To me, if felt like Lulu's struggles were more implied. What did she really want? What made her happy? Not that I wanted more sex scenes in the play. But who are we kidding. This is a play about lust, seduction and gender. Maybe its sensuality was lost in the long dialogues that I found tedious. One of the important lessons I learned in our documentary filmmaking workshop under Direk Nick Deocampo is that you don't tell, you show. This is intuitive, you might say, but the play could have forgotten it because the lines delivered by the actors were mostly descriptions of Lulu's past and how they feel about her. Plus I hate the fact that the men had to die in order to prove a point.

Some of the parts were incoherent to me, too. Not to mention that Dora balloon which was quite the scene stealer. Lulu is complicated, I discern that much. Perhaps the play's style is akin to the feminist method of storytelling in a non-linear way. The play is chronologically straight, but the way it is executed makes my mind whirl. And my body go into sleep mode (I was able to grab more than 40 winks in the first part, hehe). Hey, I have an apt title change for the play - Lull. I apologize for sounding harsh, but what else do I have but my opinion? =)

Source -

proletartist said...

Here here idadudes! :)

Shameless plug:

Review ko po sa Lulu. :)

Ross said...

question lang na medyo malayo sa topic a... saang website ako makakakuha ng schedule ng plays sa UP, ateneo or sa CCP? thanks

Anonymous said...

haha.. I hardly understand the Filipino version of Lulu.. some of them were fast talkers but most of the part of it were awesome especially the boy who came out in the last part of the play :)

brVince said...

ganda ng play! It was rated-18 but i was able to relate with it :)

Anonymous said...

aww. sana ipalabas ulet. there are lots of college students who wasnt able to watch lulu. so sana mapagbigyan kami.

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