Saturday, July 11, 2009

Game boys

Overheard from two Don Bosco high school students (their uniforms said so) in front of me in the jeepney:

Boy 1: Kainggit si Miranda ano, di nag-aaral, pa-Dota Dota lang, pumapasa sa test. Anlupet.

Boy 2: Sana ganun din tayo... Sana nga me test din sa Dota.

Boy 1: Ayputa, yayariin ko 'yan, ako topnotcher dyan!


i'm a narnian said...

ayan, ayan ang next president of the philippines.

cb :: 林偉文 said...

how depressing. although i shouldn't really say that. haha i felt the same way with music when i was still in school.

Anonimus said...

What's so depressing about that? I think the proportion of academically inclined vs class cutters will remain constant as will the ratio of gifted vs average.

In my day it was galaxians or space invaders. Or spiders and jolen. Or an afternoon butt-naked in a hidden stream.

High school isn't really a good gauge of future success. And success is always relative. I was the equivalent of Miranda and by all measures my classmates who were the equivalent of the two DOTA boys are now much more successful than me, career-wise.

Some people just aren't made for school. But that doesn't make them hopeless. Our educational system is prejudiced in favor of verbal and numerical intelligence, which is all well and good. We need accountants and librarians and lawyers and doctors. But the DOTA types are usually those that become entrepreneurs later in life. They tend NOT to be risk-averse and will have the balls to go for big stakes. The honor students will be content with a six-figure salary while making money for other people, foreign people usually.

Filipinos are entrepreneurial, yes. But sari-sari entrepreneurial. Until we breach the SME (small and medium enterprise) barrier, we will go on being the best OFWs and middle managers in the world. Our educational system prepares us well for those roles.

The big ideas and brilliant flashes don't happen in classrooms. Is inspiration incubated by playing hooky and DOTA? I'd like to think so.

I just wish fungus wouldn't incubate first. They should make it a rule that boys wash thoroughly before they infest gaming shops for four hours or more. The smell of teen spirit is like a solid wall of odor-bricks that I crash into as I step in. Makes me want to walk around and empty the contents of a 100ml Hugo Boss kemer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the real concern here is how these kids aspire for mediocrity? They simply want to pass their tests without studying. I was never a good student, but at least I wanted to ace subjects I was interested in.

Turismoboi said...

oh my god

very dizturbing!

Anonymous said...

dapat kasi di tayo nakikinig sa conversations ng iba!!!!! di naman alam ang context.

Yj said...

im glad the educational system embraced the multiple intelligences theory......

Anonimus said...

Eh ano ba pa itong ginagawa nating pagbabasa ng comments about a post? Hindi ba't pakikinig ito sa conversataions ng iba? Yun nga lang medyo nasa context tayo dito, something you'll find hard to get when eavesdropping on total strangers.

Pero por dios por santo? Para que pa tayo naging Pilipino kung iginagalang natin ang privacy ng iba? Nasa kultura natin ang pagiging usisero't pakelamero. Mapagbintang tayo sa mga tao't bagay kahit kulang tayo sa impormasyon.

Ang magmamalinis idedeport ko sa Antarctica. Dun walang tsimis. At dun ko gusto tumira. Or kung walang tsismis sa Bali, sa Bali na lang siguro.

<*period*>; said...

i think miranda is smart in a non traditional pinas kasi, pag matalino, yun daw tipong star section lagi.miranda is beyond tthose geeks.street smart.

pero mas naadmire ko yung dalawa,kasi kahit gaano sila naiinggit kay miranda, mas pinipili pa rin nila ang mag-aral

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