Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rare video: Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 bantering with Bob Hope

The song numbers preceding and following this TV moment are on YouTube (Get It Together and Dancing Machine, respectively), but both excerpts omit the brief interlude when comedian Bob Hope saunters up to the brothers and banters with them.

The repartee is obviously scripted, but note how the script is a crisp comic gem--much preferable, if you ask me, to the inane, vapid chitchat that passes for TV talk these days. In the realm of Bob Hope, then America's king of one-liners, not even the few minutes between musical numbers should be left to idle blather. His back-and-forth with the Jackson brood is sharp and fast and funny (young Michael gets some of the best lines), and notable for poking fun even at himself:

BH: I can't get over you, guys. Television, concerts, records--you're always working!

J5: Well, you gotta make it while you can. The public is fickle and musical trends change so fast.

BH: I know. I heard of one group that became obsolete before they could get off the bus.

MJ: You're lucky you're a comedian, Mr. Hope. People seem to laugh at the same things for years.

BH: [Beat] That's all we need--a midget Don Rickles.

[Don Rickles--curmudgeonly comic and actor famous for his insults.]

The interlude lasts less than 3 minutes before the brothers launch into their hit song Dancing Machine, but is packed with great zingers like that. Watch.

I've looked closely--this isn't on YouTube yet, so let this be my own contribution to the ever-growing heap of MJ memorabilia online. So long, Michael!

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Anonymous said...

thanks, gibbs. trip down memory lane. it's now on youtube, by the way.


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