Friday, August 07, 2009

Cecile Guidote Alvarez, in her own words

Sent by e-mail (with the head: “Statement on her Proclamation as National Artist for Theatre”) and posted here as is. You be the judge.

The National Artist Award is a blessing from the Lord because the government’s honor through the proclamation of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo recognizes a lifelong vision of 50 years service for others through initiating and developing a National Theatre Movement that draws meaning and power from the lives and language of our people. I am delighted that the award officially underscores the significance of a theatre apostolate I have pursued since I was fifteen years old to dynamically apply the arts as a force for education; a peaceful weapon to fight poverty, pollution, terrorism and other social ills besetting our nation; a mirror to reflect and forge our cultural identity and appreciate the beauty and bounty of our habitat, heritage, history and language; a vehicle for social transformation; an engine for creative industry development; and a bridge for international understanding.

This award collectively belongs to all in theatre who have worked in this endeavor, particularly, my students, colleagues and partners in PETA, the Earthsavers, Balintataw, local governments, schools and NGO’s in our country and overseas who have made possible successful evident models in showcasing art as an essential ingredient for social justice and sustainable development.

Through the arts, my passion was to unleash the creativity of our people and to build our nation’s conscience of compassion, caring, sharing and healing to help discombobulate the culture of corruption, gossip and violence. The joy of this honor is shared not only by my family particularly my soulmate, Heherson Alvarez, father of my children, Hexilon and Herxilia; and our dear friends, but all those in my younger years, who have moulded and supported my commitment to public service through theatre particularly Father James Reuter. They gave their faith and love that steeled my determination to realize dreams inspite of difficulties, intrigues and petty rivalries

I, especially offer this recognition to my father Mauricio Guidote, a film producer turned guerilla captain who died before I was born. Longing for him as a child, my mother, a widowed nurse soothe my angst with this refrain: Don’t cry, your father died so you would be born free. He is my hero, though medal-less inspiring me to discover my own métier of service which is to defend his legacy of liberty by democratizing the right to culture through reaching out to vulnerable groups.

I thank all those from all parts of the country and our kababayans abroad as well as our allies in the International Theatre Institute, Climate Institute, Population Media Center, La MaMa, Ambassadors and some legislative leaders who have texted, called, emailed and written congratulatory notes, expressing their jubilation. I am grateful that simple people who have been touched by our artistic efforts, generously remember, with their words of appreciation.

It is unfortunate that our country is divided by politics. It is through arts that our people can be united. I pray that culture as the nourishing womb will eventually bond together our nation towards the betterment of our citizens.

Mabuhay ang lakas-likhaan sa tanghalan!

Sa mga tumutuligsa, bahala na ang Diyos sa kanila para maliwanagan.


Guillermo Ramos said...

She's clearly megalomaniac. Please stop this woman before she harms herself.

rudeboy said...

Oh, yes, let's drag God into this.

erasmusa said...

the number of theater people at CCP yesterday was quite telling...

Guillermo Ramos said...

not just the number, but the quality of the people

the barefoot baklesa said...

well, what happened to that million peso funded quintessential pinoy musical project that the NCCA spearheaded and spent on but never had to show anything for it?

i can't believe this...

like i said, there is a humility you must have to be actually deserving of such an honor... i remember on NA awardee saying something to this effect, "Nakakatakot mabigyan ng ganitong parangal,ang susunod ko na gagawin baka pangit at di nila magustuhan..."

Anonymous said...

-kasi if not now, baka di na sya maging NA ever..
kaka disappoint sya reali..

Anonymous said...

how did she win that magsaysay award? that's supposed to be prestigious and unquestionable! do you guys think it was also unfair that she won that?

i think the president is getting a lot of bad press lately that all her decisions are looked at negatively.

Anonymous said...

nanalo siya ng award noong 1970's pa ng magsaysay award. hindi si gloria ang nagbigay nyan... makakatulong ang google at reasearch bago magcomment.

please read her blue print about peta at sabihin nyo kung hindi siya deserve manalo ng award... ito ay noong panahong matino pa si cecile bilang artist. but now na nahaluan na siya ng dugong politiko... dun na nagbago ang lahat. sad.

PERO HINDI AKO SANGAYON NA MATANGGAP NIYA ITO NGAYON. Usapin na ito ng integridad. mas makakatulong kung huwag niya itong tanggapin.

grabe ang giangawang paglalaro ng pangulo sa artist community. hay!

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