Friday, August 07, 2009


The best take on the twin journalistic boo-boos now rocking cyberspace--The Professional Heckler's, but of course: Under the Arroyo administration, several journalists were killed. The last five days, it was the journalists’ turn to 'kill' Mrs. Arroyo.”

The National Artist flap didn't escape his somersaulting eyebrows, either: “Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, the executive director of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, which oversees the selection process of the National Artist Awards (together with the Cultural Center of the Philippines) has been named by President Arroyo as one of the country’s seven new National Artists. Guidote-Alvarez was handpicked for redefining delicadeza in the most artistically bizarre way never before seen by Filipinos.”

More such heckling, please!


Professional Heckler said...

thanks for dropping by my blog gibbs!
and thanks for the compliment. :)

Anonymous said...

Parang binasa mo lang ito kagabi sa bahay ah. Eto favorite ko: "In a live interview, Kris Aquino teased the very single GMA 7 news exec Jessica Soho to her bachelor brother Noynoy. Kris has an apparent liking for the journalist… mainly because she reminds her so much of Josh."

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