Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lea wants your song requests--the unlikelier, the better

“Announcing: 'Lea Salonga... Your Songs.' Tan-ta-na-naaaaaaaaan! 'Your Songs' will be staged at the PICC Plenary Hall on Dec. 11 and 12. My guests will be Ai Ai de las Alas, Richard Poon and the award-winning dance group Philippine All-Stars. FILharmoniKA will be our orchestra. The show will be presented by AmbientMedia and directed by Bobby Garcia; musical direction by Gerard Salonga. Tickets will be available at Ticketworld (8919999 or

“I knew that I would definitely have a major concert this year, following last year’s 'My Life On Stage.' I try to do something different with each big show, I do. For one outing, it’s nothing but Broadway songs; for another, it’s songs from the movies; for yet one more concert it’s our own Pinoy brand of music. Last year, it was a celebration of my 30 years as a performer.

“A few months ago I started wracking my brain about what I could possibly do for my next big show... Then it hit me: why not get my fans and friends to help in the creation of the show? This time will be very different, as 100 percent of the songs I’ll be singing will be suggested by YOU, YOU and especially YOU!

“Already, requests have been coming in (via the concert’s official website,, ranging from rock power ballads and pop to jazz and R&B. I encourage all of you to 'think outside the box' and request something unexpected, unlikely, and most of all, FUN! You have until Sept. 30 to put something in.”

-- Lea Salonga, in her Aug. 12 Inquirer column, “That was for you, Tita Cory”

Watchuwaiting for? Speaking of “unexpected, unlikely, fun,” Lea did something like that in her Songs From Stage and Screen concert a few years ago. Here, from my baul, watch her tear into this song--the first time she performed it, I believe. She would sing it again in her subsequent Uncut concert at the same venue (PICC).


Yj said...

wow makapag request nga....

siempre hindi Nobody But You noh... hihihihi

Abaniko said...

Can she sing "Humanap Ka Ng Panget?"

the jester-in-exile said...

thanks for the heads-up, gibbs!

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