Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My current state

“Paper! Miles and miles and miles of paper! Sheaves and reams and passels and stacks! Is this what I went to college for? Is this why I learned sonnet form (Shakespearean AND Petrarchan thank you very much), and became proficient and gifted and wise beyond my years, and studied Latin AND glanced at Greek, and memorized the lymphatic system and kingdom-phylum-class-order-family-genus-species... and honed my wit and read Edmund Burke and translated sententiae from Catullus AND studied Titian and Caravaggio and da Vinci AND took a lesson in flute or flaut AND abided by Mens Sana Corpore Sano even when it would have been just as nice NOT to wash or to entertain an impure thought so I could be inundated AND embargoed and generally assaulted by paper paper, pillars and columns and towers of PAPER?”

-- Richard Greenberg, from his play The Violet Hour


rudeboy said...

Well! Sounds just like my current state, too. Except for all that high-brow stuff.

r-yo said...

pa kilo na natin yan! pang greenbelt hehehe

Abaniko said...

Luma na ang paper. Ngayon, gigabytes and gigabytes of files na. :)

gibbs cadiz said...

same here, RUDEBOY--aspirational na lang ang hi-brow stuff. although i did learn some latin in hs/college. :)

R-YO, uwi ka muna dito-ulet. :)

alam mo naman ako, ABANIKO. old-fashiened. :)

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