Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Take that, you obscure elitists!

“National Artist means being known nationwide. Who among those who are protesting can say that they are well known across the country like Carlo? They can only be regarded as ‘sectoral artists.’”

-- Donna Villa, wife of new National Artist for Visual Arts and Film (and Champion of the Masa) Carlo J. Caparas, who, by the way, lives in Ayala Alabang


ADRIAN said...

Hello Gibbs!

Not really related to the stale news about carlo caparas being the national artist: http://adrianmendizabal.blogspot.com/2009/08/versus-2-design-changes.html

I was hoping you can help in spreading the word for this one... Many people can benefit from this especially our local graphic artists. It is about an upcoming arts advocacy hosted by Alliance Francaise de Manille this coming Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Nagtatanong lang. Legal wife ba ni Carlo Caparas si Donna Villa? Ano na ang nangyari sa reklamo noon na sangkot ang dalawang ito as producers sa anomalya(?) sa mga ginawa nilang TV shows para sa PCSO noong panahon ng kaibigan nilang si Manoling Morato?

the barefoot baklesa said...

at this point in time. I really don'te see who's missing the point here entirely... there's an idiot across the table and i'm afraid it's not me... Hahahahhaha!!!

beektur said...

sectoral artist? i would nominate donna villa for national artist in literature for inventing phrases that sound logical but do not make sense at all.

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