Saturday, August 08, 2009

Your taxes and my taxes paid for her 20,000-dollar dinner

Every payday, 33 percent of my payroll gets skimmed off as taxes. Thirty-three percent. No questions entertained as to where my grubby pesos go. You would understand, therefore, when I bridle whenever a brain-free anonymous commenter would tell me I have no right to say my piece against a government that lives off the sweat of my brow. If one decides to kowtow rather than assert what is his due, who am I to dissuade him from his craven spinelessness? He can't, however, enjoy the right to upbraid other people for not following his sniveling, toad-like behavior. Especially given revelations like this: [Hat tip: Ellen Tordesillas and Manolo Quezon]

Manolo: “The [New York] Post reported that the President spent a cool $20,000 on a dinner at Le Cirque. The bill bloat seems to have come from several bottles of wine. The restaurant says its wine ranges from $28 to $12,000. The news item got top billing on Grub Street (in contrast to the American First Lady taking her kids out for burgers)... A Palace reporter tells me the guest list comprised almost 30 individuals: a party composed of lawmakers (plus staff and spouses), a number of cabinet officials, the President’s own people plus US-based allies (FILUSA and its leader) to commemorate the 41st wedding anniversary of the President and her husband.”

Ellen: “At the exchange rate of P47.75 to a dollar, the Le Cirque dinner of Gloria Arroyo and her friends cost the Filipino people P954,000 or almost P1 million. Le Cirque is French restaurant in Manhattan where as the Italian owner boasts, 'the worlds of food, fashion, art and culture converge...' As the New York Post said, it was the wine that accounted for the scandalous cost of a dinner of Arroyo and her friends.”

How nice. In her own country, President Arroyo flashes the finger at an impoverished artistic community with her sham of a National Artist Awards.

(Oo, impoverished. Who do you think is more well-off, the struggling theater artist with his meager pay, backbreaking work hours and triple daily raket, or Carlo Caparas with his cushy, lucrative contracts with the TV networks? Who's wallowing in luxury--the unknown writers, performers, visual artists, cultural workers who devote entire unrecognized lifetimes to preserving this country's heritage, or the pampered stars, starlets, directors, producers, talent handlers and network executives who get ostentatiously rich by pretending to be “maka-masa?” Caparas may have been poor once; he has left that behind long ago. To once more use the masses this way, as a prop for a cynical class-based argument that conveniently obscures the real issue behind his anomalous appointment, is cheap and callous to the core. Champion of the masa, my ass.)

To repeat: President Arroyo flashes the ultimate “Up yours!” at the country's artists. Then she jets off to New York to dine in regal style at a chi-chi restaurant where “food, fashion, art and culture converge.”

I won't mince words this time. Screw you, Gloria. And screw you, Anonymous.


proletartist said...

Tax na binabayad natin, pinapanglasing lang ng presidente mo. Ang sining na pinangangalagaan at pinaghihirapan ng mga artistang pilipino, dinuduraan ng basta basta lamang.

Kelan kaya tayo titigil sa pagka walang bahala at sasabihin ang sinabi natin kasama si Tita Cory nuong panahon ng isa pang diktaturya?

Naaalala pa sana natin ang "Tama na, Sobra na, Palitan na" ?

yvarra17 said...

Way to go, Gibbs! I applaud you - your guts, your passion and your fire in the belly! Le Cirque in the Big Apple ... where cultures converge? What a farce. Culture is anchored on one's acceptance of where one belongs. Gloria Arroyo and her staff are trying sooo hard to belong while wallowing in blood money! Leeches!

At ikaw, anonymous, wala kang bayag! Magpakalalaki ka - Pacifica Falayfay!

rudeboy said...

Each time I make the mistake of laying eyes on or hearing about the latest shamelessness of esa mujer, I invariably think of the three Rs.




Anonymous said...

GMA has no shame at all. The question is, what do we do?

Anonymous said...

Sa lahat ng pinost ni gibbs regarding the government, ito ang pinaka nakakairita. medio i did not disagree with his post on the mar wedding announcement. pero this time, nakakabuwisit itong kuwento about gma. with that amount, sana nagdala na lang siya ng mga pinoy chefs at pinamalas ang pinoy cuisine doon. grabe talaga. may mga perdiem naman ang mga iyan pa ha....

Anonymous said...

what are we to do? that is the question.

Mr. Komplikado said...

I hate GMA to the core.

jorgec said...

well said, sir ^^

Anonymous said...

tigilan na nga ninyo! your rabid anti-GMA rants are too much. you don't even know the truth of it. lahat na langm basta criticism, totoo sa inyo, obvious na. tama na.
niloloko lang kayo ng opposition.

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