Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ads that make you go 'Yesss.'

I mean ads that, in the teeth of delicate subject matter, consciously backpedal on the hard sell and settle instead for the muted, but ultimately more powerful, pitch. Two examples: [click on images to enlarge]

1. This ad appeared on page E3 of last Sunday's Inquirer--a breathtaking shot of the sea of yellow that greeted the funeral cortege of the late president Cory Aquino along Ayala Avenue, on its way to the Manila Cathedral. The tagline below the photo, so discreet you'd have to look again to notice it: “Some colors should never fade.” Then a small logo of Kodak Express. Piggybacking on a moment of historic national mourning to hawk a product sounds cheap, but this ad shows how to do it with tact and class.

2. Domestic violence is an issue that requires careful, prudent handling, especially when it's the subject of something so consumerist as an ad. Here's an thoughtful one, by the Women's Crisis Center, that appeared on page C4 of yesterday's Inquirer: a quiet image of a lonely woman on a bus, perhaps about to flee her violent marriage, contemplating the torment she's had from her husband. The ad's masterstroke is to project this most painful thought balloon on the bus window--a horrific image that crystallizes her nightmare with devastating power, yet, with its indirect quality, still affords her a measure of compassionate, respectful distance. The unobtrusive tone is carried over to the appeal below the image: “Denying won't make it go away. We can help.” Then the hotlines to call. No sensationalism there, only a felt sincerity. How often can you say that of an ad?

[Note: I have nothing to do with the ads, the products/services they carry, or the agencies who made them. But they have my kudos for these inspired works.]


Ricci Chan said...

OMG i absolutely love the Kodak add. i agree. probably done by someone WITH tact and class. those two things are very hard to simulate, even so acquire. ;)

r-yo said...

These indeed were great examples of well-conceptualized, fully-studied ads: a class way different from the crass, in-your-face majority. Maybe your blog (on your behalf and ours) can give them a more direct token of appreciation - a plaque perhaps?

Ming Meows said...

pang-award talaga

lightchaser said...

There really should be more ads like these. I'm not a fan of the hard-sell, and a subtle approach can work really well for other, less delicate matters too.

Thanks for sharing these. I'm glad to see that the local agencies can still put out some powerful ads.

Abaniko said...

Ganda ng Kodak ad. Ano'ng agency kaya ang may gawa nyan? Pero pag text lang ang babasahin mo, parang detergent ad no? :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

korek, RICCI. :)

R-YO, plake ba talaga? hehe, para naman akong rotary niyan. :)

yep, MING MEOWS. :)

agree on the soft-sell, LIGHTCHASER. though in an increasingly noisy world with 24/hour news cycles and infinitesimal attention spans, i can see why a lot of ads would go for the short-term golpe de gulat. and that's why restrained pitches like these two are such a pleasant, welcome surprise. :)

haha, oo nga, tama ka, ABANIKO. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gibbs! The Kodak ad is ours. Glad you like it! :) -- Ombet

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