Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Artful dodgers

1. “You can see we can well afford to buy properties.” -- Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo, on his undeclared P63.7-million beach-front property in the San Francisco Bay Area

Sure, you can. You're one of the 30 richest members of the House (99.2 million declared assets in 2008, P96.7 in 2007), along with your brother and uncle. Never mind the question of where you got all that money. The point is, you didn't declare the US property you purchased in 2005 in your statement of assets and liabilities. The law says you have to report it; whether you can afford to buy the property is beside the point. Bragging is no answer to reported law-breaking. Or is it now?

2. “I’m happy that it’s in the court... There will be no more shouting in the streets. We can have a civilized discussion.” -- Cecile Guidote Alvarez, on the National Artists row

Huh? This statement from a woman whose main credentials in history, aside from establishing PETA, involved shouting in the streets against the Marcos dictatorship? Whose trailblazing work in theater and the arts was predicated on speaking truth to power and rousing audiences to greater social activism? So--from brave freedom fighter to feckless government apologist, from poster child of dissent to Establishment guardian concerned mainly with the niceties of “civilized discussion.” What a tragic fall.

PLUS: Shameless tampering with public documents over at the NCCA website to provide cover for Malacanang's ghostly Honors Committee. Butch Dalisay has the scoop--and, more importantly, the proof: screenshots of the original and tampered versions of the documents here. Altering public documents is illegal. Who ordered the NCCA webmaster to do this sleazy act?

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beektur said...

Kapal-mukha! Nagsisikip dibdib ko! (Pakiluwagan nga ang bra.)

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