Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twitter versus Tweetams

Post-ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, programmers Juniffer and Zoorla are the new denizens of comic-book writer Carlo Vergara's zany, endearingly campy imagination. They haven't appeared in comic-book panels yet, but their hilarious conversations make for worthwhile trips to The Carver's House. Their first appearance was in Kalabanin ang Google at Facebook. Now they're back with a new bête noire in Kalabanin ang Twitter, where this back-and-forth ensues:

Programmer Zoorla
Well, dear, meron na rin akong ginawa na siguradong panalo din. Isang microblogging website na makikipagbanggaan sa Twitter... (fires on his laptop and goes online)

Programmer Juniffer
Ay... ah... Tweetams?

Programmer Zoorla
Koraks and stones!! Tweetams is the newest and most advanced microblogging website.

Programmer Juniffer
Eh papaano seseryosohin ang Tweetams mo, eh, para ka lang nagpapa-kyut?

Programmer Zoorla
Darling, ano ba ang ginagawa ng karamihan sa Twitter?

Programmer Junnifer

Programmer Zoorla
Koraks and boulders!! Huwag na nating lokohin ang sarili natin na kesyo nagma-microblogging tayo para iligtas ang mundo sa global warming, 'noh?! Nagpapakyut ka lang naman, e di harap-harapan na ang pagpapakyut. At anong microblogging site ang bagay sa mga chronic na nagpapakyut? Tweetams.

The complete chorvahan here. Bitoy and Ogie as Juniffer and Zoorla--what do you think?


Anonymous said...

tanggapin kaya ni Fafa Fiolo and Sum?


citybuoy said...

ang galing! i followed the link and it was super funny! haha totally agree with you re: ogie & bitoy. they would totally do justiceto the role. thanks for sharing.

Carver said...

Wow... Thanks Gibbs! And great talking to you recently. Take care! :-)

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