Friday, September 04, 2009

What is happening to America?

From the NYTimes: President Obama’s plan to deliver a speech to public school students on Tuesday has set off a revolt among conservative parents, who have accused the president of trying to indoctrinate their children with socialist ideas and are asking school officials to excuse the children from listening.

“The thing that concerned me most about it was it seemed like a direct channel from the president of the United States into the classroom, to my child,” said Brett Curtiss, an engineer from Pearland, Tex., who said he would keep his three children home.

“I don’t want our schools turned over to some socialist movement.”

The White House has said the speech will emphasize the importance of education and hard work in school, both to the individual and to the nation. The message is not partisan, nor compulsory, officials said.

Chris Stigall, a Kansas City talk show host, said, “I wouldn’t let my next-door neighbor talk to my kid alone; I’m sure as hell not letting Barack Obama talk to him alone.”

Unbelievable. Children are more in danger from whack-job parents like these than from any speech by Obama, “socialist” or otherwise.

PLUS: “I never imagined the outbreak of right-wing crazy that Obama's gesture would provoke, and this time it's hard not to see racism behind the hysteria. The message is 'Obama's coming for our children!' the standard cry against scary boogeymen in every culture.” -- Joan Walsh, in

[Graphic: Salon composite/AP photo of President Obama]


rudeboy said...

Ever saw the movie "Idiocracy", Gibbs? Amazing how fiction could be so eerily prescient.

beektur said...

hey hey hey. easy on America. this is not America. this is just a small bunch of ignoramuses making a lot of noise, magnified by the media for sensationalism. still disturbing, but not the whole picture. :)

beektur said...

dagdag: remember, America is a country that now has a half-black President. that will not happen anywhere in europe for the next 50 years. nor in Pinas. it is a country where small towns have elected openly gay and transgender mayors. where same-sex marriage is gaining ground. to have an (once and still is) complex powerful bureaucratic machinery reach this far is quite outstanding. baby steps. :)

meanwhile: what is happening with WalangGlorya Makapal-Ayoko's family? :)

gibbs cadiz said...

sure, you're on point there, BEEKTUR. but you have to accept, too--this kind of far-right irrational hatred and rhetoric can only happen, on this too, too prominent level, in america. my headline's hyperbolic--but all i wanna say is, where are the responsible conservatives/ republicans who should repudiate this lunatic discourse that has infected the american mainstream? it's being reported in the nytimes, the paper of record. kakadismaya, di ba? :)

Anonymous said...

it is scary and disturbing how fanatical and closed-minded some Americans are. even the town hall meetings on medicare are reduced to name-calling and ideological put-downs. really ugly rhetoric between Americans.

beektur said...

on that note yes, kakadismaya. but i blame ted turner/cnn on changing the landscape of newsreporting. since the gulf war escalated and people were bombarded with data (not even information, ha) most news agencies (and NY Times, Washington Post, WS Journal have to keep up with the times) have blurred the lines between what is news and what is tabloid sensationalism, innuendos, rumors, opinions etc. warhol used to say that eventually, everyone will have their 15-minute of fame. that happened already. now it seems like history will just be a compilation of 15-second clips and an accumulation of 15-line newsprints. cheers!

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