Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fabcast! Gay guys with girlfriends [violent reaction here]

The snark was there from the start--“Ano ang nag-udyok sa'yo para pasukin ang ganitong... pariwarang buhay?” was my opening question, tongue-in-cheek, of course--but we were also genuinely interested to understand the mindset of our two “confused” friends, Sam and Johnny, and concerned that they did know what they were getting into. The large group of guest Fabcasters--we were about 14 friends on an outing--were profuse in sharing their opinions, prognostications, warnings and pieces of advice about the curious, and potentially topsy-turvy, set-up. Much laughter as usual (watch out for Dimples in part 2!), but leavened with good ideas, too. Feel free to eavesdrop and share your thoughts:

Part 1
Listen (23 mins 35 sec):
Download this fabcast (right click and save - 21.6 MB)

Part 2
Listen (34 mins 49 sec):
Download this fabcast (right click and save - 33.4 MB)

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